Please post your SOTA activity here!

  • Hi,

    Thanks for the addition to the forum.

    I've been out portable operating from hill tops using QO-100 this year.

    To qualify a SOTA summit I need a minimum of 4 contacts, I have always managed this. But This Tuesday I only worked 5 stations, so it's a close thing.

    Can I post my intentions on this forum?

    I've been trying to raise the profile of QO-100 to a whole community that havn't really heard about it, while I have a few regulars that work me it would be nice to get more.


    Nick G0HIK…-in-sota.htm#.X3TNE2hKjct

  • Hi Nick,

    welcome to the Forum here..

    Sure.. I hope it will help you to make more contacts...

    I have changed the title a little bit..

    Nice photo from your SOTA activity too!!

    best regards


    Peter Gülzow | DB2OS | AMSAT-DL member since 1983 | JO42VG

  • DB2OS

    Changed the title of the thread from “Can you post planned activity on here?” to “Please post your SOTA activity here!”.
  • Great Thankyou for that Peter.

    I've been out 16 times from fell tops in the English Lake District. There are two other OP's in the UK who are also doing the SOTA's. It would be good to get a bit of a QO-100 SOTA community of Activators and Chasers.

    My Current kit consists of

    Two FT-817's, SG-Labs with POTY for the up link and TokyoSat TCXO LNB and 2 mtr down convertor.

    Power from 8000mAhr Li-Po and 60cm dish cut in half to enable it to fit on the RucSac.

    I'm hoping somehow to get it lighter as I get more of the higher mountains worked.

    The plan is to get out tomorrow (1/10/10) from a Fell around 10:45 UTC, it can be quiet that time of day so all QSO's are most welcome. I get around 1 hour of operating time from my battery.

    73's for now.

    Nick G0HIK

  • Hi Nick,

    being active in SOTA myself, I know very well how it feels like to struggle for the 4 QSOs. I will watch out for your activations to chase you. I don't have a portable setup for QO-100, but will gladly chase you if I'm at home during your activations. Having said that, this is more likely on the weekends or after work, even on the days when I can do home office, i can't always be QRV.

    73 Jens HB9EKO

  • Well I dont know if my post on here was the magic I needed, but I worked 14 stations today on my SOTA activation of Binsey G/LD-041 in the north of the English LakeDistrict, that is the most QSO's I have managed from a summit.

    I am very happy, I was on for 90 mins and totally flattened my battery. I know OP's were still calling so I'm sorry to have missed any of you and I hope we can make it next time.

    It was a lovely hill with nice views of the Lake District and of South Scotland. I had a QO-100 Summit to Summit (S2S) contact with GM4VFL/P so a very nice day.

    73's Nick G0HIK

  • The weather is looking good for tomorrow, Monday 5th Oct.

    I hope to be out portable on SOTA mountain "HardKnott" reference G/LD-041 around 10:00 QRG 2400.200 +/-

    It would be great if I can work some of you again tomorrow.


    Nick G0HIK


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