Adalm-Pluto Rev D

  • I developed the Pluto C/D into a compact TRX together with the LeoBodnar MiniGPSDO and the 20W SG Lab PA. The Pluto is externally clocked at 50MHz. A detailed description with links to curcuit diagrams can be found on and on my HP under "Projects".

    Ich habe den Pluto C/D zusammen mit dem LeoBodnar MiniGPSDO und der 20W SG Lab PA zu einem kompaktenTRX entwickelt. Eine ausführliche Beschreibung mit Links zu Schaltplänen findet man auf und auf meiner HP unter "Projekte".

  • YO8SEP

    I simply use a AS169-73 (RF switch). Inputs connected to internal TCXO and a added SMA connector, output connected via 47pF to AD9363ABCZ xtalin input. Appropriate control signals generated from PS_GPIO6 for the AS169 and the TCXO enable (off while external).

    Important to add 20k in parallel to R91!!! This lets the (original) FW think it is a rev. D HW and the ext clock commands will work: