Any good linux software equivalent or better than SDR Console?

  • Hi,

    find SAT CONTROLLER SDR NANO for the raspberry, based on GQRX, here in the forum. Other than relying on the psk beacon, this software synchronizes on a beacon from the commercial part of the satellite, which is clever, because there are no jammers. The downside is, you need a second rtl-dongle , because this beacon is far off the ham-radio transponder.

    Personally, i run sdr-console on a virtual WIN7 (10) inside virtualbox for linux on a fast computer. The delay is just a tad longer than the purely analog received signal. You can install the dongle and rtl-tcp on your raspberry, access it via network with whatever software you like , given it can handle a remote dongle via TCP. No need to install the ZADIG-driver for the dongle on your windows machine. This also gives you some performance boost, because the raspberry does not need a GUI to work with rtl-tcp plus the virtual windows / linux combo is not busy handling the dongle.

    73, Martin