availability of Down converter v3D ?

  • hello,

    do you know if the Amsat Down converter V3d and his GPS receiver will be available soon ?

    it is not longer offered on Amsat-DL shop

    or maybe on the Amsat stand at Friedrichshafen next saturday ?

    I need one

    or do you have one for sale ?

    thank you for reply

    73's from F1FCO, Pierre.

    • Official Post

    Hi Pierre,

    unfortunately we can no longer offer the V3d converter kits, everything is sold-out.

    There is a shortage on some components used and also our supplier stopped business.

    We are currently looking into alternatives and a possible new design, but it will still take a while.

    Sorry for not having better answer..

    73s Peter

  • Hi,

    If someone is looking for the Amsat boards, I am going to sell it on ebay.de or via private message

    As far as I understand, this fits into the forums guidelines.

    Best 73, Peer, DL8YF