ARTEMIS-1 with Orion and CubeSats, launch coverage Bochum

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    Artemis-1 Launch Schedule

    Bochum visibility 2022 Sep 03 [Sat]:

    1. 18:35 - 18:47 (12 minutes, max elevation 9 deg)

    2. 20:16 - 03:10 (7 hours, max elevation 44 deg)

    The Bochum timeline (revision #2) is this:

    Sep 03 Mission

    UTC Elapsed Event


    18:17:00 +00h 00m 00s - Launch (nominal; window 2 hours)

    18:34:53 +00h 17m 53s - Bo AOS 1

    18:35:20 +00h 18m 20s - Orion deploys solar arrays in Earth orbit

    18:47:31 +00h 30m 31s - Bo LOS 1

    19:08:22 +00h 51m 22s - Perigee raise manoeuvre (22 second burn)

    19:55:03 +01h 38m 03s - Trans-lunar injection burn (17m59s burn)

    20:13:02 +01h 56m 02s - Burn ends

    20:16:01 +01h 59m 01s - Bo AOS 2

    20:23:10 +02h 06m 10s - Orion/ICPS separation; Bo Az/El 269/20 ***

    20:24:31 +02h 07m 31s - Upper stage separation burn

    02:13:05 +07h 56m 05s - Outbound Trajectory Correction-1 burn

    03:10:47 +08h 53m 47s - Bo LOS 2


    *** After Orion separates from the ICPS ("Interim Cryogenic Propulsion

    Stage"), 10 small spacecraft ("CubeSats") will be deployed to perform

    experiments and technology demonstrations. Each CubeSat provides its own

    propulsion and navigation.


    1. The above suggests that during our first visibility we see only a

    coasting Artemis-1 rocket. Maybe some telemetry, maybe S-band;

    frequency believed to be 2217 ±0.5 MHz, data rate 1 Mbps.

    2. AOS 2, our second (long) visibility, begins with the rocket in a

    trans-lunar trajectory.

    3. About 7 minutes after our AOS 2 Orion and the ICPS separate. Maybe

    some Orion telemetry, maybe S-band. 2203.2/ 2216.5/ 2287.5 MHz, ~5Mbps

    4. During the next ~90s the Cubesats are ejected. At various times

    thereafter (hours?) they will become "live". See published graphic.

    5. At this point (20:24:31 utc) some or all could be radio alive.

    We then have ~7 hours to unravel the ensuing chaos. Or sleep.

    73 de James G3RUH

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    Live Stream from the Bochum WebSDR is available here:

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