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    Here is an interesting Phenomime

    I did enter "fw_setenv refclk_source external"

    Also did reboot the Pluto Rev C

    But this seems not to disable the internal clock. So without connecting to the external connector it just carries on receiving the signals just fine. Same as before the command. Shoudnt fw_setenv refclk_source external disable the internal clock source?


    I did:

    fw_setenv ad936x_ext_refclk "<25000000>"

    fw_setenv xo_correction 25000000

    pluto_reboot reset

    and now pluto does not receive. Does work but it doses not receive. Perhaps the external clock level is too low.

    How can I revert these commands above?

    73 de Béla


    the pluto.php from 0303 has a lot of bugs who shows same failures...I Think its not the Revision of Pluto....

    Actually I seem to have similar issue with earlier release too from Evariste. I would guess that the rev C(D) seems to be not 100% compatible with the very popular F5OEO firmware. I guess. I can not proof it. I ordered few brand new Plutos. If they are rev C then I can do the tests. Do you have a rev C that works fine with F5OEO code?

    73 de Béla HA4BM

    I have just received my rev D Plutos from Digikey.
    Loading F5OEO's DATV firmware (0303) I realized that some of the functions were not working well. ("On Air" indicator, PTT button on the Controller page)
    It looks that there is some compatibility issue.

    I applied the patch (ver. 1.9) from is0grb - from


    seems to fix this nasty problem - I think. Please note that the patch have two versions: rev B and rev C-D. Use the rel C-D.

    73 de Béla