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    SV1BDS , PA3FYM , I'm following your conversation regarding the Lars GPSDO with great interest as I'm hoping to do something similar myself. So, Remco, like George I'm very interested in seeing your updated code!

    Given that 10MHz oscillators are much more plentiful than 25MHz, what would you think about building the GPSDO for 10MHz and using a clock multiplier like NB3N502DG to get 25MHz?

    DB2OS Peter, this sounds great. I expect that you will have many people wishing to operate QO-100 as DL50AMSAT. How do you intend to manage the queue? I presume that you'll want to see some proof of current licence?

    Very interesting design. Also, a very interesting comment (in the conclusions of the pdf) regarding the use (i.e. it's not practical) of 'standard' FR4.

    Now, if only some enterprising soul would do a bulk order of the pcb!

    DL7AG Chris, thank you for sorting everything out so quickly. I didn't envy your task. The fact that you managed it from your hospital bed - that says everything that needs to be said about dedication. To merely say thank-you feels rather inadequate.

    DB8TF I freely confess to being one of those people who reads everything and contributes (almost) nothing - except for a few likes here and there. The truth is that, at present, I've nothing much to contribute except to show appreciation of what others are sharing. With time that will change - promise!

    From my perspective the fact that this forum is available to everyone to read is of immense value. If it had required registration in order ot be able to read messages I probably wouln't have bothered - mostly because I would probably have assumed, incorrectly, that the forum is entirely in German (and my command of German is exceedingly limited!) but also because I wouldn't have had any appreciation of the forum's usefulness. I suspect that I'm not alone on either point. Instead, I am happily reading everything that OMs post in English and the posts that are in German get submitted to my new friend "Google translate". I'm learning lots and I'm looking forward to seeing whoever turns up at the AMSAT-DL booth in Friedrichshafen. Even though I haven't directed so much as 0dBm in the direction of Oscar-100 I feel like I'm sort of 'one of the gang'. To me - that's a 'Result'!

    It's really frustrating when a useful forum of which you're a member gets hacked, and when people won't follow simple rules that are intended to help everyone. It's even more frustrating if you happen to be the forum administrator and have limited time in which to implement the security measures that you would like to!

    73 David


    How do you, and/or the neighbour who raised the issue, 'see' satellite TV ? I would have thought that the challenges for that would be almost identical. Whatever solution has been deployed for that may give you precedent.

    Also, get a second opinion re the planning regulations. It wouldn't be the first time that an enforcement officer got it wrong!

    73's David - GI8RQI