Software DVB-S demodulator

  • How do the Buffers work 0/8192 ? Mine just count from 0 to 8192 and then the program just shuts down ????

    I too have clashed this problem since yesterday the buffer 0/8192 the program stops me then the program turns off, things the cause before everything was ok I receive 1Ks everything ok now it crashes !!!!! ???? use I3 4ram 73 Tony IK1HGI

  • hello all , just for a info...

    today i have also done a small test with datv sdrangel 64 bit windows software for normal dvbs 1 and also other modes...

    the station was on 250 ks sr and fec 2/3 dvbs 1

    decimation was set on 1 and SR dongle was 2400000

    gain had to set to 48 before constellation was ok.

    but it works...for a normal dvbs1 station and h264 codec.

    picture was good on the small datv screen .

    g8gkq was decoded..... dvbs1... maybe 8 psk works also. will test

  • Hello all,

    Our friend miguel CT1BYM was this morning active and he did again a test in 8 PSK and also DVBS1 mode

    the software again was sdrangel and our regular rtl2832u dongle

    the 8 PSK was NOT decodable here .... but than miguel give a monster signal on our birdy in 333 ks and also 500 ks DVBS1

    he made his first tryout in DVBS 1 mode , so congratulations friend miguel

    here you have the screenshot from 333 ks , bandwith was about 500 khz (333 x 1,33)

    here is the full image SDRANGEL DVBS1 CT1BYM SR 333 kS 3/4 fec

    INFO : sdrangel is software from F4EXB :…sdrangel-4.11.0-win64.exe

  • on7kec ,dit ziet er normaal uit ; airspy device opened > driver werkt dus

    klik op het andere kleinere venster waar al die details van de versie staan en veranderingen , kleiner scherm onderaan op de ok klikken.

    programma start dan pas op !

    wanneer programma is geladen , download mijn kleine nederlandse handleiding om verder wijs uit te geraken en te starten , het gaat niet vanzelf...

    veel chance nico…32u%20en%20amsat.pdf?dl=0

    indien het op niet lukt , kan je me mailen op >

    of eens afspreken en begeleiden via anydesk applicatie (gratis) remote desktop

    of gewoon met google chrome remote desktop control applicatie of met teamviewer....

    teamviewer is de laatste tijd niet meer goed ,indien je een licentie wil kopen , doe ik niet...

    73 nico

    zet de samplerate van airspy niet te hoog , zodanig dat je bandbreedte niet te hoog is om de smallere signalen toch nog te kunnen bekijken , zowat 3 Ms is genoeg indien dat kan , heb zelf geen airspy dongle...

  • Hi, I am running the 2.010 version, works with HackRF and RTL dongle, but somehow the RSP1a does not show up as device. It's working well in SDR Console however.

    Do I have to copy DLL files or something like that to have it noticed in 2.010 ?

    Ben - PE2BZ

    I have the same issue with the RSP1a can I ask what was your solution if you solved it? My RSP1a also does not show up as a device to select but works fine with SDR-Console V3 etc.

  • Hey,

    I have done this for solve the problems with the RSP1

    Install :

    API/HW Driver – v3.04 (9th Jul 2019)

    Instal it in the same map were you placed the DVB-S Demodulater...

    open the map and you will find a "SDRPLAY" map

    Open it...

    Open the map API...There you will find x64 and x86....(64 and 32 Bit pc!!!)

    open the map and find "sdr_play.api and lib"

    Copy both to the dirctory of the DVB-S DEmod

    Problems me!!!

    Greeting and succes

  • Hi all!

    Sorry that i didn't write anything in this forum for a while.

    I just wanted to say that i'm still working on this project, even if i didn't finish as much work as i wanted. I'll definitely release a new version this month. I'm currently working on 8PSK support, and there will be fixes for annoying things, for example saving application state like bandwidth/frequency settings, and changing local oscillator frequency, so that you don't have to calculate frequencies manually.

    Kind regards,


  • Hi and thanks for your work on this project.

    Are you considering to add support for the ADALM PLUTO as well?



    Salomão Fresco

    Callsign: CT2IRJ

    GRID Locator: IM59re -- CQ Zone 14 / ITU Zone 37

    QTH: Fazendas de Almeirim, Portugal

  • SWL - markro92 hello I hope in the good version has the constellation as the version 2.0.10 improved, until today I use it and I have never had difficolta !!!! I look forward to the new version. tried pluto and mount good the signal on the strong coast I test local no audio

    After 3 weeks and arrived ADALM-Pluto with pleasure I did a Local Test, on the transmission part with win 32bit, DATV-express and the reception on the WIn7 has 64bit with the VLC I receive, with the program the famous DVBS-2 version 2.0.10 the signals of the constellation to be seen perfects 73 ik1hgi Tony

  • @VU3BCN: I'm using different signals from many satellites for testing purposes. Normal FTA transponders on TV Satellites are no different from Es'Hail 2 Amateur TV signals, except the larger bandwidth. But there are also SCPC (Single Channel per Carrier) Transponders on commercial satellites that i use for testing. High bandwidth transponders are hard to decode without a hardware solution, due to the lack of computing power. I've optimized my software quite well, however there's still headroom for improvements. I'm using Intel VTune for spotting performance issues, and i write custom assembly code for critical sections, using architecture specific SIMD instruction sets like SSE/AVX.

    My original goal was to develop open source hardware, and implementing the demodulator in a FPGA chip. I'll definitely do that, but right now i'm mainly working on this software due to the positive feedback from the community.