Portable | Lightweight Uplink Station

  • Hello Everyone..!
    I am thinking about a lightweight / portable / fly-away setup for up-link station for Es'hail Sat 2, and I was researching two different antenna for this possibility. One possible solution was the 40 turn 13cm Helix from Wimo.de with up-to 16db gain and the other was WiFi 2.4GHz "Grill-Antenna" with up-to 24db gain. I appreciate the WiFi Grill antenna is fixed at Linear polarization - but would be interested to know your thoughts on either antenna for this portable NarrowBand station, and whether they would support NB up-link connection...?

    Many thanks...

  • G0TKZ

    I am using the 40 turn 13cm Helix from Wimo for uplink. The antenna is 1.2m long and not so easy to transport. You should use a cardboard roll as a protection to not bend the windings if you want to transport the antenna. 1.2m is too long for in the suitcase. I think the WiFi grid antenna is the better solution for portable activities. I use the antenna because I have no space on the mast for a reflector.

  • Maybe you could also consider the smaller WiFi antennas that usually are "panel" type and consist of a circuit board with a lot of stacked dipoles fed in phase.

    On the uplink you can always exchange antenna gain for output power.

    However, be careful that a WiFi antenna actually can handle the output power you use.

    (this is not a problem for that large grid but it could be for the smaller antennas that require more output power)

    Of course don't use the well-known small yagi for WiFi "with 25dB gain", it is fake.

  • Maybe you could try only a patch for the uplink, like i did 2weeks ago. Works ok with +-10w on to the patch. It was mounted on top of a 30cm small offset dish (from a camping set) for the receive.

    Mine is a G3RUH patch.