IS0GRB Winlink Server on QO-100 (Dial 10489635.0 USB)

  • Hi Oscar, Jose EA5HVK author of VARA modem, tells me that the version of the Vara modem we've tested is 2.2.1 which covers a delay of up to 1.2 seconds, not enough to work via satellite, it asks me to try again with the 3.0.2 beta version which covers delays up to 1.7 seconds with which it should work:

    I have also requested both Jose and to the author of Winmor and Ardop the possibility of operating in full-duplex which would probably be the solution to the problem, considering that the audio sources are different, uhf radio in TX and SDR or analog receiver in RX and this would make it possible to reduce delays and with the possibility of decreasing the delay, even an increase in normal performance.

    If you have the possibility to install v.3.0.2 i would be grateful, i have already installed it and this evening we can carry out further tests with VARA.

    Rick KN6KB, Winmor and Ardop author suggest to use Ardop where is possible to increase the 'leader lenght' parameter, it can accept up to 2500ms, we can try with 2000ms and if not work to calculate exatly all the delay via SAT, in order to modify the software.

    If someone else wants to try, they can communicate it is welcome

    My server listen on 10489635 dial


    Roberto IS0GRB

  • Hi Oscar, Jose EA5HVK kindly sent me a new software version of the VARA modem to be matched to Winlink specific to QO-100, where it will calculate and also indicate the total delay between reception and transmission and which will be useful for the final release

    We also will test the Ardop modem with the leader to 2000 or greater as suggested by Rick that wait our reports for a new release.

    Please check the emails for the info

    Thank you


    Roberto IS0GRB

  • Hi Roberto and all,

    yes I was still using the speed limited demo mode. Will try the licenced high speed mode later. Also ARDOP mode with 2000 lead delay later...

    In the attachements you see the Winlink status message box during the mail transfer connectng to your Winlink server.

    Also the very first testmail sent to myself.

    Great system for future emergency communications and very remote areas within the footprint of QO100

    73 de Oscar DJ0MY

  • Hi all, Jose EA5HVK has just released a new 3.0.0 beta version of the VARA modem (VARA SAT).

    This is the first version for the QO-100 SAT and tomorrow it will release a more complete one, while those who want to try will have to install this version 3.0.0 SAT of the VARA modem to use with Winlink Express:

    The tests with Ardop modem for have not been successful, we expect software modifications by the authors of Winlink and Ardop that envisage a possible full-duplex release specifically for the satellite and not compatible for the HF


    Roberto IS0GRB

  • Today the first excellent connection results throught QO-100 with DJ0MY and ON4KVI.

    DJ0MY has also tested sending by email with a large attached file about 30k and everything is working properly.

    Currently the mode that works is VARA SAT with the VARA SAT 3.0.0 beta modem.

    We are waiting for results from the Winlink developers to make also the Winmor and Ardop modems work too.

    Thank you all for the tests, i am sure we will improve even more.


    Roberto IS0GRB

  • Hello,

    Following these positive and excellent tests using the vara modem, I will put on the air the BPQ32 switch in the next few days on 10.789.625 ; access via the Vara modem in a first step.

    A question : should it be interessant and possible to use the 'old' PB-PG FTL0 protocol used on the first microsats ?


    Renauld ON4KVI

  • Hi,

    I downloaded the new "sat" beta version of VARA , and I have tried connecting a few times on .635 but I am seeing no response from IS0GBR I am using a Pluto full duplex in SDRconsole and I don't see or hear any response.

    I have tried reducing drive etc. etc. - I tried last night and again this morning.

    any ideas why ? are you seeing the connect attempt IS0GBR?

    Also on4kvi - .625 is routinely used for KGstv ( and analogue sstv) so it may not the be best choice of frequency to avoid interference :) ( I know no one "owns " a freq, but I know that people listen on .625 for KGstv & SSTV)

    73's Neil


  • Good morning my server is up and running.

    VARA SAT modem has +/- 50Hz of AFC please verify your TX frequency if OK

    We asked to Jose EA5HVK if can enlarge this AFC window in the next beta release

    DJ0MY connected me without problem


    Roberto IS0GRB

  • Do you have the last 3.0.1 VARA SAT modem?

    Remeber also to disable windows system sound that create problem to audio when transmitting


    Yes, I installed the 3.0.1 Sat beta last night .. I will try re-installing it ..

    The computer is used exclusively to drive the radios, and I use Winlink on it regularly on HF , and I have been doing data stuff on QO-100 for a while now without issues, so I know that the sound cards stuff is all good :)



  • OK so I got it going after a bit of a push 7 pull .. And received some messages despite someone transmitting olivia on top of the transaction ( over & over again) .. I though that everyone was supposed to listen to their own transmissions on QO-100 ..)


  • Dear Roberto,

    Server online?

    I try to connect many times from 23:40 to 23:50z 22/07, but no return from the server.

    No GPSDO here, only BU500 with no modification and TS2000.

    I try many times 20 to 20 hz steps from 634.5 to 635.5.

    Winlink and Vara sat 3.0.2.

    73 de Gustavo PR8KW

  • Dear Gustavo meanwhile, thanks for trying.

    It is possible that you tried at a time when i was making changes on the server.

    I took advantage of the night time for small jobs.

    I ask you if you can try again and let me know if all goes well.


    Roberto IS0GRB