FT8 Monitor QRV for testing

  • Hallo ...

    for testing purposes i put on an FT8 Monitor on QO-100 to 10489.600 to spot to PSK31reporter.

    Because it is not possible until now to direct spot on 3cm ...so i used 23cm 1296.6 MHz instead.

    rx results on QO-100 can be seen here ... (last 12hours)


    RX setup:

    85cm TVDISH (3LNB 13/19,2 and 26 east) OCTAGON OTSLO(TCXO) + ADALM PLUTO (TCXO) or RTL-SDR(TCXO) , WSJTX 2.01

    have an nice EASTER TIME

    73 de Michael dg0opk

  • Note2:

    you need a clean and stable tx signal to decode FT8 .... this is very narrowband mode....

    so on RX LNB with low noise TCXO and/or SW correction (better both to use) or GPS locked with low JITTER and LOW NOISE is recommended ... (that is difficult) for a low budget... station

    on TX Side you have to use the same ... TX with tcxo on all components or GPS locked...

    i am freerunning on all my systems with TCXO inside in moment ..no GPS lock ...it is possible (and it is much work to modify all components ) and GPS is not installed until now....!

    73 de dg0opk

  • Hallo ...

    after some break my QO-100 FT8 (and now also FT4 monitor) is online again for testing purposes

    It uses 2 instances of WSJTX 2.1.0 one for FT4 and the other FT8 with my GNURADIO dual channel receiver (only one qrg in use in the moment that means both channels have same QRG) . SIMPLE RX is an rtl-sdr with TCXO.

    Computer is an small MINIX NEO Z83-U to save some energy... :)

    Rx dish is 120cm , LNB is TWIN LNB with TCXO mod no other stabilisation method is used

    Station Reports and signal levels can be seen in the PSK 31reporter and the received stations were spottet to 23cm because PSK31reporter has no 10GHz possiblity until now.



    sometimes the reports are declared as unknown frequency so maybe they can be seen on this link


    EDIT ... and picture of FT8 QRP test in october 2019 attached

    please try also to use low power i could decode my sigs with 3dBm (2mW) transmitted on 120cm ...

    6 to 7dBm works also ok with a 60cm TX DISH

    73 de dg0opk