Hint to check your level on the transponder..

  • Given the recent turmoil on output levels, a perhaps useful suggestion:

    Using the level indicator on WebSDR does not work well, you have to look at a number that jumps on the screen

    I found that a by-default disabled feature on WebSDR may be useful to get a better view, the signal strength plot, in slow mode. See these graphs:

    The CW beacon is at -72dB. You can easily see the difference between stations, a quiet period, and who is perhaps overdoing it a bit. Perhaps it is useful to add a red line at -72dB ;)

    Perhaps obvious, (but I had not seen it on the forum), hopefully useful,

    Geert Jan

  • I'm using SDR console - signal history. I wait for the CW-carrier of the QO100 beacon (2x in the middle) then i change to my frequency and CW-key down (mine right on the picture). It's on the same level. May be 0.5dB above... ;)

  • Hi there.

    I just wonder why so many stations crank up their microfones to the max. and apply a lot of compression. C'mon guys, you are not working 2m DX with signals barely readable and just above the noise floor, you are working through a repeater. The guy on the other end of the globe hears you just as loud as you do.

    If the station you are talking to has shitty audio, please have the guts to tell him so. Don't report "excellent signal", "beautiful audio" , when it obviously is NOT. Dare to give a report other than Q5 if you have a problem to comfortably read your partner. I'm not talking about overdriven amps, that is a whole different story.

    To top this off, some operators use desktop microfones, lean back and sermonize. This applies echo to the signal and i wonder if they have ever listened to their own signal. Do they really think this makes their audio more pleasant or easier to copy? I does not.

    Flame suit on, you can reply directly to mycall at t minus online.de if your reply is not appropriate for a public forum ;)

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    ..sorry, but your Modulation ist good - but never ever strong


    73 de Michael

    Hallo Michael

    If you mean my RF signal you are right. But I have a good amplified SSB signal now, better as without clipping. Our QSO was at 14. September, at this time I had no clipper in between, it came later.

    73 and tnx for 55