Downlink with dxpatrol Twin-LNB and Bias-T (opt. GPSDO) working well?

  • Dirk, i checked the Wimo site,hmhm they sell it on nearly half the price then DX-Patrol themself...strange. Sure it is the same unit?

    If you look at the DX-Patrol website, it's just plug and play, no need for external PLL. Latest version off course. Manual online.

    73's Jerry

  • Hi Jerry,

    the price from Wimo's set is the same than from dxpatrol, 99 EUR. It is the "RX Set with LNB and Bias-T (with PLL reference and 10 MHz external input (optional))". Please don't mix it with "QO-100 downconverter set", it is another set and costs more because it has downconverter (to 10m, 2 m, 70cm and 23cm) included.

    I bought it meanwhile and had some problems at the beginning:

    Bias-T box is not short circuit proteced at LNB connector, error in manual concerning jumper settings, LNB seems broken.

    After receiving new parts from distributor my first impression is that system is working very well. I tested it without connecting external reference (e.g. 10 MHz from GPS) and was surprised that the frequency is really very stabil at beacon of QO-100. It seems, that external reference is not necessary. A big advantage is that TXCO is not included in modified LNB, it is part of the indoor Bias-T box. That makes it insensitive to temperature deltas at LNB at antenna.

    Hi 4Z4LS,

    i think you mix it with another set. The internal reference signal is included in the Bias-T box, external reference (10 MHz GPS) is optional.

    73 de


  • Hi!

    I've ordered from DX Patrol the version with down converter since for portable operation prefer to have the rx on the rig not needing to carry the laptop around. Generally it works fine. If the unit is inside in the shack the frequency stability is fine. If operated outside there is some drift due temperature changes, but still not a big problem for SSB or CW operation. In any case a big improvement over the previous LNB with an 8ppm reference.

    When used with a FT-817 as RX even with its gain set to minimum have to use a 20dB attenuator to get better S/N ratio.

    Have still to test digital modes like KG-STV where stability is a must. I suspect for this a GPSDO as external reference will be necessary.

    Dirk tnx for the information that the bias is not short circuit protected. Usually is difficult to make a short when screwing the F connectors but you never know. Better have the unit switched off when screwing cables on it or LNB.

    Best 73's Andrej - S57RW

  • Dear DX-Patrol downconverter user,

    is somebody using this tool for receiving on 28 MHz?

    Any Feeback on its performance on the 10m hamradio band?

    For portable use with mainly HF radios It would make the life a bit easier to me.

    Thanks for your replies and all the best.

    Stay safe es 73 de DM5TU - sTef

    72 de sTef

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