Sdr Console cutting audio

  • Hi,

    In have following Rx-setup; HP Probook 6570b, i5, Ssd, 8G, Win7. Win and all drivers are up to date.

    All audio echancements are turned off. The problem is, that SdrConsole is cutting audio, no matter how to change audio buffer size. At the lower right side of the screen audio buffer starts ingreasing 70.. 80.. 120 and so, and cutting audio.

    But but, opening Chrome drops the audio buffer and every thing is ok, no audio cuts at all. Audio buffer stays 35 to 60.

    Weird I would say...

    73 de Ismo - oh1nhw

    Forgot to mention, I’m using Airspy Mini, and with SdrSharp and HdSdr every thing works ok.

  • I had a similar problem some days ago, SDR Console had Audio dropouts on my I5-3470 with <10% CPU load.

    The cause was the KG-STV SW running in the background and that it was configured to run in "compatibility mode".

    As i changed it not to use compatibility mode SDR console again works without Audio dropouts.

    Maybe you have a similar problem..

    73s DB8TF

  • Similar issue here,

    using SDR-Console with my BT-Headset gives me a bad audio.
    I don't think, this is software related. If I start VLC and allocate the same audio-output, everything is OK.

    I'm using an old I7 first generation with a load less than 6%.

    It's more an Windows issue, as Console works flawless in the same configuration with an never PC.

    Time to change the good ole hardware,

    Best 73,

  • Sdr Console and / or Windows is cutting in Rx. According to windows all driver are up to date, but installed HP Support Assistant. This assistant installed IDT audio driver, but I had no time to test, as it’s xmas. Tomorrow I listen carefully in a empty space in NB.

  • Hi Ismo

    I have the sam Issue SDR Console cutting RX audio. Also waterfall stops for a moment at the same time when audio stop. Interruptions are sometimes on few seconds some times disappear for a few minutes.

    I am using Windows 7 on i5, 8GB RAM SDR Console V3..025 connected to Pluto with 0.32 firmware, also modifications made on Pluto GND R58-D3 and GND to 2x micro USB housing. Trying with USB and ETH. Via ETH is a little better.

    I think the problem is on communications on relation Pluto PC. Did you find some solutions for this audio Issues.

    Best Regards Jozef S51HU