Cannot receive the DATV signal anymore

  • Enzo, if you switch to the minitiouner, did you receive with the minitiouner allone?

    Or is a second Sat Receiver with a sat splitter installed?

    I have some times problems with the current on 18V from the minitiouner alone, if I use a sat receiver parallel at same time with sat splitter there are no problems.

  • IK8OZV Enzo what happens if you connect the lnb to plug B instead of A and only switch to B ones after you start the program?

    Good News problem solved.

    Thanks to every on and Especially to Heiner DD0KP for his disponibility

  • IK8OZV Enzo please post what you finally have found as the root cause... pefect.. glad to see that it is working now..

    Heiner, i did nothing. Do you remember that i said to have the problem since i have boxed it?

    Ok Tonight i thought to unbox the board so tomorrow i could change the NIM. Well after have unboxed it i put it on the table just the board, no LEDs no switches.Powered up and puff as soon i powered it, i got the Beacon signal.Until now i have tested it from 1500KS (Beacon ) down to 125KS. I am now testing with a 66KS signal. i got all the smeter fully clockwise and all the LEDs on the bottom left green.

    On the bottom right i got all the LEDs green except the last one that switches from red to green and from green to red. I do not know if it is an my problem or it is his problem.Now i have the LNA gain fix to 10.5dB.

    Can you tell me what can it be?

    Thanks once more for your helps

    73's de Enzo IK8OZV

  • Hello Heiner,

    today i have tried how i said last day to box the Minitiouner.

    After have boxed it i got again the Problem, unboxed again and tried step by step

    which could be the problem. First i have fixed just the board and tried it. Powered up and it worked perfectly,

    Then i have connected all the LEDs and retried again. On this step again all OK finally i have plugged the display and retried.

    Guess what? the problem popped out again. So re opened the box, unplugged the display, re powered on again and it worked again

    perfectly. So i think the problem has to be with the Display but i cannot understand what could it be as the Display comes already assembled.I have connected in this way:

    The VCC of the display to the VCC of the Minitiouner Pro2 Connector JP3
    The DATA of the display to the SDA of the Minitiouner Pro2 Connector JP3
    The TC/CLK of the display to the SCL of the Minitiouner Pro2 Connector JP3
    The GND of the display to the GND of the Minitiouner Pro2 Connector JP3

    The only thing i can think maybe something with the bridge soldier

    done from the middle Pad and the Pad named I2C of the display.

    Do you have any idea??

    Thanks a lot

    73's de Enzo IK8OZV

    P.S. to complete the test i have tried to connect the display one pin at time making the test on each

    connected pin and have noticed that when i connect:

    The TC/CLK of the display to the SCL of the Minitiouner Pro2 Connector JP3

    I get the problem.

  • IK8OZV Enzo, that looks like the load on the I2C bus when you connect the display drops down the clock signal. On the same interface the serrit tuner is connected. That means with this impact the tuner has no good clock signal.

    If you put off the display I think you should see different Ohm values between SCK and SDA versus ground or VCC.

    You can test this easyly with an Ohm meter. So it looks something is strange with the display. To avoid this without buying a new display you can try to put a diode between SCK pin of JP3 (cathode) to SCK on the display (anode) toavoid a feedback into the I2C bus. The display is only getting SCK as an input. It is just a proposal with a 50/50% chance for the display. Just try and post again.