Pluto.php. Modified and updated for new DATV channels and other features (IS0GRB)

  • Good morning, i modified and updated the pluto.php page with the new DATV channels of the WB bandplan with reference to the BATC site.

    The modification is based on the latest version modified by Colin G4EML

    I have also inserted other changes requested by my friend Rocco IK8XLD and others to make the control of the Pluto easier.

    Following are the implementations made:

    pluto.php mods:

    1. Change of new QO-100 DATV channels with reference to QO-100 WB Bandplan (BATC Wiki)


    2. Inserted the downlink frequency (10491 - 10499) next to the Symbol Rate values to have a clearer and more immediate view of where to transmit, without making calculations using the 2.4GHz frequency

    3. Modified Power slide; longer to allow easier adjustment, now with 0.1dB steps

    4. Change of Power value, now from -79 to +10 dBm, 0.1dB steps

    5. Inserted at the top of the page the button to view the QO-100 WB bandplan on the BATC Wiki page

    To update the new page, even if only in running mode, connect the external power supply to the Pluto, insert the contents of the zip file package into a FAT32 USB pen and connect it to the Pluto using the OTG adapter.

    After a few seconds the flashing LED becomes fixed, this confirms that Pluto has mounted the USB mass storage.

    Wait 10 seconds and reconnect the USB cable to the PC.

    It is possible to use an OTG HUB to avoid doing this every time it is restarted.

    Upon restart, Pluto will automatically mount the USB stick and execute the "" script by copying the new files to the / www folder

    The package can be picked up at the following address:…_Qgj4xmN/view?usp=sharing

    I'm working to finalize the changes without this procedure, at the moment the only one possible without compiling a new firmware

    I hope it is to your liking.


    Roberto IS0GRB

  • Ok just correct an anomaly in the visualization of the channel after "Apply Settings", now however show always "Custom" when get parameters from settings.txt after applying them, as i had to include the same freqs. for multiple SRs and the original script included in the php page had a problem in association "freq<->channel" even if the other set values were correct.

    Roberto IS0GRB

  • Fixed again the pluto.php, now you can correctly display the downlink frequency after applying the settings.

    It is necessary to download the package again and copy all the files contained, some have been updated

    Updated the README file for info on problems in connecting the USB stick…_Qgj4xmN/view?usp=sharing

    Roberto IS0GRB

  • Hi Roberto,

    it did not work here.

    Maybe the micro USB female plug is only for DC supply and not wired for Data

    did you have tried it, and still working?

    How will Pluto difference two USB Slots ?


  • Hi Robert it is possible that there are differences with the Y cables.

    The OTG cable differs from the normal USB cable only for pin 4 which instead of being disconnected is connected to ground for autodetect.

    Some on the socket that is connected to the PC do not have a data connection but only a input power supply.

    Alternatively you can connect a power supply to the pluto on the right socket, with the OTG cable connect the USB stick and load the new files that the script will overwrite and after 10seconds then reconnect the original pluto cable to the pc leaving the power supply connected.

  • Thanks again for the new version Roberto.

    I use this quick way to upgrade:

    A small USB cable connected to the HUB that will keep the pluto powered for the time of reading PLUTO.PHP from the USB pen through an OTG cable, and then connect the USB cable of the pluto to the HUB.

    73 Rocco IK8XLD

  • Good morning, if you have the Pluto connected to the internet with the USB-Ethernet adapter or if you have followed my procedure to connect it to the internet without the ethernet adapter described in this post -> (How to connect Adalm Pluto to the Internet without using the USB / Ethernet adapter) you can give these commands and you will have the loading of the new pluto.php without connecting the USB stick.

    Attached the txt file with the commands; selecting all the content including the first empty line will do very quickly.
    Just copy / paste on the Pluto after the reboot and you are ready.

    If your Pluto have a USB/Ethernet adapter probably will have a different IP from so you must remove the first line on my txt file commands "route add -net gateway", because probably not match with your default gateway Ethernet configuration


    Roberto IS0GRB

  • Hello Roberto,

    my Pluto is at the dish connected via ethernet.

    I can install your Pluto_mods-IS0GRB-15-08-2020.tar.gz,

    if I run seems all ok.

    Your pluto.php script is running.

    But, its not possible to transport the stream. Analysis windows is empty.

    Maybe different IP adresses?

    My Pluto is running a typical IP Adress from the home network ...

    73´s de Robert, DD4YR

  • Hi Robert the analysis page is not modified from my package; it is a default page on Pluto with F5OEO firmware

    Here work fine when i transmit; so try to reboot Pluto and update again the package.
    Sometimes Pluto has strange reactions.

    The IP address is the default and pluto.php doesn't modify the IP.

    Are you using a H265 box? May be the IP address doesn't match
    Thanks for trying my update, i hope you like it


    Roberto IS0GRB

  • Yes, Roberto,

    your update looks good.

    Your update did not change the IP adress in the config.txt ?

    I do not use the USB-> Ethernet option what described in #12

    I use a real USB to Ethernet adatper

    73´s de Robert

  • If you are using a h264/h265 box try to set the real IP in the form in the center of the pluto.php

    If your Pluto have a USB/ethernet adapter and a mostly different IP from so you must remove the first line on my txt file commands "route add -net gateway", because probably not match with your default gateway configuration


  • Hm, streaming did still not work.

    tried it after reset now 3 times.

    I can use your pluto.php, IP adress is ok.

    But no streaming possible...

    After reset, the pluto.php from the flash works still fine ...