• Hi Guys

    I'm facing strange problem with my Pluto and F5OEO DATV custom firmware not sure if this is ( release beta_for_the_brave/ 2020-02-05 21:04) how can I check this please ?

    Regarding to my problem basically I'm missing three buttons CONTROLLER , ANALLISYS ,and DONATE on the top of login page ( on web ) and I'm not able to to find and use DATV controler ? I spoken with my colleague and he his web page looks different on his Pluto?

    Also I have implemented F5UII PTT board and this does't work , I thing because of that issue .

    I attached screen shot of my web page and also info tab .
    Am I missing something ?
    Is Any of You had similar issue ?



  • Hello Piotr,

    you have to copy the pluto.frm (beta for the brave Version) on the Pluto during Pluto is connected via USB like a USB-Stick.

    If the pluto.frm is copied, you have to remove the Pluto drive as follows:

    Klick on PlutoSDR (D:) auswerfen! (second line !!!, first line will remove but not install the firmware!)

    Then the Pluto will be disconnected and installing the firmware.

    The blue LED is fast blinking.

    This Firmware change need some minutes, don´t be wory ......

    After firmware change the Pluto Drive will be back, and pluto.php is on the drive available.

    Yo do not have to disconnect the USB cable at any time !

    73´s de Robert, DD4YR