IS0GRB Pluto DATV Patch

  • Pluto DATV Repeater patch v.1.0 - October 16th, 2020, by Roberto IS0GRB

    This dedicated patch is compatible with all versions of F5OEO firmware.

    You can use it for normal operations and also permit to create a DATV repeater, with an Octagon SF-8008 decoder, and/or a DATV beacon.

    It also integrates various implementations for normal operations in conjunction with OBS.

    It also allows you to set an Ethernet Default Gateway when using an USB-Ethernet adapter and to be able to connect the Pluto to the internet, which can be managed from the Internet through a rule on your Internet router.

    I share this project, so that it becomes easier today to make a DATV repeater based on DVB-S / DVB-S2…GcfoA530/view?usp=sharing

    Roberto IS0GRB

  • Some colleague pointed out to me that after uploading the patch they couldn't remove it anymore.

    He later discovered that instead of renaming the patch to "" it was mistakenly renamed to "".

    Sometimes with windows and notepad this can happen because when renaming files it applies a default extension.

    To solve the problem access to the Pluto in SSH using Putty (login: root / pass: analog) and issue this command:

    # rm -f /mnt/jffs2/patch*

    then restart the Pluto with this command:

    # reboot

    You can now reload from the pluto.php page my DATV repeater patch, that add some other features, making sure that it is actually renamed

    Roberto IS0GRB

  • Good morning, this is the v1.1 (October, 24th) of my patch Pluto DATV Repeater

    I reinserted the old fix of G4EML for correct H264/H265 codec seletion in the external box which was present in my first patch of August,15 and lost with the various release changes

    Thanks to Mike G0MJW which pointed out the problem…CTMd73fk/view?usp=sharing

    I remember that it is important to have installed the firmware version 2908 and not others


    Roberto IS0GRB

  • After the appropriate tests, and for this i thank some colleagues who have made themselves available for the tests, IK8XLD, IZ7PDX, IZ5TEP My patch 1.3 for Pluto is ready.

    As mentioned above the patch is compatible with the fw 2908 version.

    In this version 1.3:

    1- Added Pluto TX Frequency Offset and Reset Offset button

    You can now set the TX offset to obtain the exactly TX frequency

    2- Added DATV Beacon Mode

    You can put small .ts video in the Pluto and set properly SR/Mod/FEC. The file must be "beacon.ts"

    You can create the file transmitting with your Pluto with same SR/Mod/FEC and record yourself with Minitiouner and Record button

    A. (Live Beacon):Upload the beacon.ts file, via the form at the bottom of the page, with same Symbol Rate that you intend to use

    File must not exceed 25MB (See Upload Live Beacon file section)

    Now insert this path instead the Default input: /www/beacon.ts

    The file will be played in a loop and will be erased after a reboot or power supply lost.

    So connect before an external 5V power supply/power bank to the right end

    B. (Static Beacon):Upload the beacon.ts file, via the form at the bottom of the page, with same Symbol Rate that you intend to use

    File must not exceed 500kB (See Upload Static Beacon file section)

    Now insert this path instead the Default input: /mnt/jffs2/beacon.ts

    The file will be played in a loop and will be not erased at reboot, so you can use this as portable DATV beacon.

    You can Delete the Live Beacon file or the Static Beacon file using the form at the bottom of the page

    3- Added power slider "Lock to max value". Now you can lock the slider so that also increasing it not exceed the value of the lock

    4- Added Pluto Audio Section. Now you can use low Symbols Rate (SR25,SR35,SR66) changing audio quality directly from Pluto without use external script

    5- Improved Pluto video encoding quality. Pluto's ffmpeg now uses preset "film" which improves video quality especially on low SR

    6- Improved CPU usage. Limited ffmpeg processes that led to exaggerated use of the CPU. With high SR the pluto now behaves better

    7- Corrected some bugs of the DATV Repeater mode

    One of the important and very convenient functions is the possibility to modify the audio quality directly from Pluto, in this way it will be possible to go with low Symbol rate SR66, SR35, SR25 directly in H.264 or H.265 with OBS reducing the audio parameters on the Pluto, without necessarily having to use external ffmpeg scripts that use a lot of CPU and for those who do not have H265 card, from the tests carried out, it has no use other than to reduce the audio for the low SR, but the video quality after all these manipulations it got worse than going straight into H264.…CTMd73fk/view?usp=sharing

  • IS0GRB

    Changed the title of the thread from “IS0GRB - Pluto DATV Repeater patch v.1.0 - October 16th, 2020” to “IS0GRB Pluto DATV Patch”.
  • IS0GRB Pluto DATV Patch v.1.4 available

    1- Added minitioune tuning

    The minitioune tuning routine has been completely redone and uses the internal linux tool to send udp packets.

    The default gateway problem has been solved. The Pluto integrates the static route for the default gateway USB with a metric highest than the default ethernet gateway possibly set, so there will be no more conflict.

    If the Pluto is connected via USB and it restarts it is necessary to close and reopen the Minitioune software as windows switches the multicast to the Ethernet or Wi-Fi network and for this reason it is necessary to close and reopen the Minitioune to reset the multicast connection correct.

    By clicking on the signals of the spectrum it is now possible to directly detect the real frequency of the transmitter and the symbol rate.

    Two choices have been added at the top in the spectrum settings: RX and TX. Either or both can be set to tune RX only or TX only or both to preference with just one click.

    In the previous 1.33:
    1- Clicking on the signals of the spectrum now sets the Frequency and also Symbol Rate detected directly from the signal in transit.…CTMd73fk/view?usp=sharing

  • Good morning:

    I have one problem with yours versions Robert: not is possible Switch off the transmiter when finish one transmision. I have to down and up the PLUTO for work again.

    Is my problem or have any solution?

    73,s de Jabi, ea2aru.