SDR Console freezes

  • Hi All,

    Freeze issue with SDR Console (all version).When I click "ON" TX button the screen freezes for a few seconds

    /minutes back to normal for a while and same again until I click "OFF" TX button, on RX mode no freeze.

    I de-activate a maximum of background program, use SDR Console alone but still have this issue.

    My PC :- HP core i5-8250U CPU @ 1.60 Ghz - 8gb RAM

    Thank you for assistance.



  • DB2OS

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  • Hi Luc,

    I use Lime SDR mini, freeze issue is on SDR Console (NB) only when I click TX button..

    My CPU usage is 16,5 to 17,2 % (TX button ON) ---1,2 to 2,0 % (TX button OFF)

    My TX set up is Lime SDR mini,CN0417 & EB003 in the shack, 6m Heliax 1/2 Patch (Poty) & 2,4 m Dish.

    This issue is permanent, it freezes on & off until I click the TX button OFF,when on RX it is good.

    Thank you for your consideration.