New DXpatrol "Groundstation" now Full-Duplex !

  • Hallo Peer,

    Freue mich für dich das du jetzt eine neue Station für Euro 1000 hast die dir gefällt. Meine Kosten waren um die Euro 550 und mir gefällt meine Station :) und die Ästhetik ist überhaupt nicht zu vergleichen :)

    Zusätzlich habe ich AMSAT-DL unterstützt und das war eben auch wichtig und die Erfahrungen und Spass den ich im Zusammenbau hatte sind unverkäuflich! Nein, du hast mir keine Illusionen genommen. Mach dir keine Sorgen... :) .

    Alles Gute und hoffentlich hört man sich auf dem QO100 in Januar 2023 wenn ich wieder in Europa bin! Bin dann mal gespannt ob deine Station Euro 450 besser ist... :D

    73, Stefan VE4SW

  • Dear all ,

    regarding this being so expensive it's a matter of supply and demand ...

    AMAST does not sell it own full package(anymore? at least I couldn't find it , if its sold somewhere else feel free to point me to it ( some friends what to get into QO-100 and don't want to bother with all the down and up converters.) for some reason , same goes with the downconverter I bought a year ago ,
    so with that said people that don't want to experiment but just get it up and running to make QSOs, are forced to just pull the trigger.

    For me at the beginning was the lack of the full package from AMSAT that made me buy the downconverter with the GPSDO and the ready-moded LNBs etc etc .. because I knew things would work from the first try. and that is why you (and I payed a) pay a premium.

    although yes 1K is a bit far fetched but now are difficult times.

    I hope things will be back to normal sooner than later because I loved the downconverter / full duplex station setup of AMAST-DL and I hope it will be back in stock at some point.

    Thank in advance
    73 DE 5B4AKV

  • Have you looked on eBay with "QO-100" ?

    Dear Sir ,

    Yes at the time I had a look with not much success I saw there is one AMSAT downconverter for sale. (still same stuff online )
    the rest are just DIY PAs and some LNBs non modded.
    and 1 up converter.

    So yeah again quite limiting and of unknown working condition especially with so many sensitive components you can never be sure that indeed everything is ok.