QO-100 via Teamviewer RX OK but no TX

  • Hello,

    In my local network I can connect to my fix pc with my laptop via Teamviewer and start up SDRconsole.

    The audio is coming in my laptop so I can RX QO-100 when I sit in the garden

    I cannot TX, how can I enable TX to be qrv from the garden ? (I checked some videos but no luck)

    Thanks in advance for info.

    73 - Rudi - ON7CL

  • My 2 Cents on this:

    You are trying to create a workaround because your OTG USB Network device doesn't work as you want it to work.

    But this creates even bigger problems. Get your Network device working and you'll be fine.

    If you really want to deal with problems: You may need to route the audio output from your teamviewer to the audio input of sdr-console via virtual audio cables. I'm not sure if this will work. Good luck.

    73, Martin