DATV Easy Improvement Survey!

  • replace the PTT button with APPLY. 5

    1. No (3) 60%
    2. Yes (2) 40%

    Sorry for the English via Google!

    Since many have ideas to improve DATV Easy, proposing to do various surveys, to then pass the result to dominique who will evaluate what to do!

    As a first survey, I propose to replace the PTT button with APPLY.

    The goal is that by pressing this button the software learns the various settings and makes them active!

    Ci scusiamo per l'inglese tramite Google!

    Visto che molti hanno idee per migliorare DATV Easy, propongo di fare vari sondaggi, per poi passare il risultato a dominique che valuterà cosa fare!

    Come primo sondaggio, propongo di sostituire il pulsante PTT con APPLICA.

    L'obiettivo è che premendo questo pulsante il software apprenda le varie impostazioni e le renda attive!


    Buon divertimento!


  • i understand your idea but think rather to have an additional apply button.

    I know, sometimes some settings are badly accepted.

    Dominique is aware of this issue and i just hope it will be resolved.

    The PTT button is a separate relay output capabel to just switch the final stage..

    This is a normal ham tool for switching between RX and TX and sould be in this software..

    So your survey to replace the function would be a bad idea in my oppinion.

    But refreshing ideas are allways welcome..

    Best regards


  • Hi Benno and Robert, I didn't think anyone used the PTT button, because if someone, like me, has mounted the ptt board inside the pluto, with the latest patches released in August by F5UII, one for firmware 0303 and the other for previous versions, the relay works automatically when you go to TX.

    I didn't know Dominique knew about it!


    I like to be comfortable, and everything he can do automatically, I don't do it by hand!

  • Good evening everyone. I noticed that without an "apply" button some settings are NOT received by my PLUTO rev B Firmware 29.08 on the network. This however does not happen if I use freestreamcoder + Patch is0grb, where changing the parameters and sending the command "apply" there are never problems. I don't know if it's possible, but you could put an extra "Apply" button. Thanks and 73 de i4wrm Ros

  • I think the goal of Dominique was that all settings are taken over "on the fly" by the PLUTO. An "apply" or save settings in the flash memory of the PLUTO is not good, because this always leads to malfunctions.

    But maybe Dominique himself can explain us how the process should be?

    73 de Robert

  • In version 2.09 and 2.10 the start has become a start+ witch also does a apply.

    I had similar problems where setting changes needed a restart of the program to get active.

    New and more updates will be soon online...

    Best regards