Logbook for portable operation ?

  • Hi everyone,

    any advice on a logbook software that can be used for portable operation?

    I've been trying to link Log4OM to SDRConsole, no luck.

    I would be fine with a log where I can input the callsign, and everything else (UTC, date,mode) is pre-populated.

    Lacking the CAT link, the frequency won't be recorded as well, but as long as I can specify it once, and keep it as long as I use the log, I'm fine.

    I would like to avoid entering the frequency for every QSO.

    Last but not least, it should allow export in Adif, in order to save the /P QSOs in the main log when I'm back home.


  • Hi,

    please specify the operating system - windows, i suppose, but what version?, 32 or 64bit? - your receiver (sdr-console only?) and your uplink transceiver.

    Also specify what went wrong when you tried to link your logbook software to sdr console.

    73, Martin

  • Martin,

    it's a win 10, 64 bit.

    SDRC is connected to a Pluto.

    I was trying what you described , link Log4OM to SDRC using OmniRig, but in my case it didn't fly.

    Any chance you could share some screenshots, I don't think there's too much difference even if you're using a different Win version.

  • Gio,

    i don't have a Pluto, but there is a manual how to connect third party software to sdrc.

    click here .

    I use vspe from eterlogic. Since my setup is completely different, i can only guess what YOU need to do.

    I'm sure the other programs listed work similar. Watch this Video

    For VSPE, first create a connector, say COM30 (you see it pop up briefly in the video) . Next , split COM30 like shown in the video.

    You now have a virtual serial port accessible by multiple programs. Next, follow the description in the sdrc help pages.

    73, Martin

  • I just had a closer look and it seems you only need to create a connector. Read the text in the picture, it says it can be used by 2 programs.

    If you want to connect a third program like cw-skimmer or such, you may need to split this virtual port like shown in my video to make it accessible to more than 2 programs.

    Good luck


  • Martin,

    I was doing some testing in the past with VSPE and the other software mentioned above, I tried all possible combinations (including the connector), but only one at a time, no luck.

    I wasn't aware of the SDRC page on serial connections (I'm positively sure that I had all my settings wrong.....)

    Will re-test everything when I go back to the HQ.

    thanks for now

  • Gio,

    i wrote a litte command line logbook program with your requirements a few years ago. Over the last years I added some additional functions like qrz.com access and dxcluster support.

    Take a look at https://dg7bbp.darc.de/software.html and try 7log.

    Most functions run under windows, too. You only need a python3 installation. Just decrompress the .tgz archive. Use google translate for translatation of the german manual oder just enter 7log.py --help

    The program remembers the last qso parameter for mode,frequency, repeater (or sat),..
    Just enter
    7log call locator or for special calls 7log --call <callsign> <locator> for the next qso.

    You can set the working frequencies with environment varibales DG7BBP_LOG_QRG_RX and DG7BBP_LOG_QRG (in Hz) or just specify the transmit frequency as 2.4GHz in the command line.

    Enter 7log IW7EHC 2.4GHz r:QO-100 for the first QO-100 qso with yourself.

    I wrote this little program, because I needed a logbook for gqrxsettrx.py for receive and transmit frequency synchronisation from ggrx with my transceiver in the early days of QO-100.

    Jens, dg7bbp

  • Jens,

    thanks for the tip, will download it and give it a try.

    Never used python before, so the next question will probably sound "funny":

    Is it an operating system or an additional software I can download and run in windows?