• Hello,

    Soon a new version currently being tested by some OM ;)

    - New design

    - Switch to latest ffmpeg version

    - choice between hard and soft codec easier

    - added commands latest F5OEO firmware PLUTODVB2

    - new power adjustment slider in 0.25dB steps

    - addition of fec and automatic/manual gain

    - Added GOP setting

    - Added GSE

    - Added AV1 codec for streaming on GSE experimental

    - Added delay setting for relays and output Arduino

    - Added indicator lights for relays and output

    73 Dominique F1EJP


  • Hello Dominique,

    can you tell me how I can use AV1 with it?
    I´m using a Nvidia RTX GPU, able to do AV1 but all I can select is still up to h.265.

    Streaming AV1 via ffmpg works fine to the pluto.

    Thanks for your work
    Sandor - DM4DS

    Edit: multiple OMs asked me about AV1 - guys, please post here, so Dominique sees your interest in AV1, thanks

  • Hello Sandor,

    AV1 does not currently work with mpegts.

    You say that "AV1 streaming via ffmpg works well on the pluto"?

    If any OM has experience, please post there!

    I did streaming av1 in avi and udp experimentally but not very usable.

    In this version 3 i add coding AV1 soft (and Hard not tested) soon avaible.

    Thanks for your questions and reply of experimentation !

    73 Dominique F1EJP

  • Hello,

    Latest current updates:

    - fixed small configuration bugs

    - automatic threshold adjustment

    - FecAuto flow adjustment

    - addition of output lights indicators

    - Pluto startup modification

    - new ffmpeg 6.1.1 compilation with VVC codec up to 25% faster

    - optimization of sending mqtt orders (faster START)

    - addition of emission frequency offset

    be patient it's coming soon !

    73 Dominique F1EJP