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    Hi Matthias DD1US .

    I made this amplifier using your schematic. I bought the module in september 2019 (Ebay) but i assembly this week. My module isnt counterfait. I supply with 28v in both pins and i have approximately 2 until 3 watts ( sorry, but i dont have how calibrate measurement equipment ).




    G0MJW: 8PSK modcodes are not supported in version 2.0.10. They were first introduced in version 2.0.12

    But you are right about the UI Design. Many Laptops have 1366x768 as a resolution, but the window is about 947 pixels high. I'll try to move some stuff around and clean things up. Never thought about high DPI displays. I'll also address this problem soon.

    I'll release a new version (2.0.13) today with a few fixes. In summary these are: 8PSK short frame support, GUI cleanups (and new tooltips), and support for offset tuning by clicking the right mouse button. There is also an overlay showing transponder bandwidth requested by DB8TF.

    There is also a 100% performance update for FIR filtering (atleast on my CPU). These two changes will be useful for future extensions like multi transponder decoding.

    Tnx SWL - markro92 !

    Hi Viliam.

    I used idq around 0,33 amp.

    My wattimeter have a slow rate measurement and i dont have how accuracy calibrate.

    My tests i used 18 to 32 vdd. To 30 vdd, the current was 1,75 amp.

    Some months ago i quited this project and started other LDMOS.

    Great job. I try MRF21030 and MFR21045

    Great ! Nice job !!!

    Congratulations Kurt.

    Last month i tested two PA without sucess ( Counterfeit parts and re tuning 2100 mhz LDMOS) . I will try to buy MHT1008N for test.

    73 !