QO-100 QSO Confirmation eQSL, LoTW, DARC, etc.

  • I worked the whole day today to get my 100 QO-100 QSOs fully accepted in LOTW. And nevertheless only 5 countries are confirmed upto now.

    I sent the following ADIF-Tags:







    and optional for the QSL-Cards:

    <NOTES:19>SAT: QO-100 MODE SX

    It was not easy to get my logging program (HAM-Office) to bring all these tags in the ADIF export file.

    Fortunally, LOTW allows to override already logged QSOs with new data.

    Still to do: Update the QSOs in DCL, HRDlog and eQSL.

    Only 5 DXCC entities, why ? Do QO-100-dxers not use LOTW, or do they send incomplete data to LOTW ?

    73, Martin DL9SAD

  • @dl9sad

    Several people still do not use LoTW and many others do not include PROP_MODE and BAND set correctly. But it is getting little better since one year ago :)

    <call:5>df3qe <qso_date:8>20200206 <time_on:4>1504 <sat_name:6>QO-100 <band:4>13cm <mode:2>CW OPTIONAL
    <qslmsg:43>tks fb qso via qo-100 sat. Pls cfm via lotw

    73 de ED PY2RN