IS0GRB Winlink Server on QO-100 (Dial 10489635.0 USB)

  • This day i have done the first test. The equipment i´m using Amsat DL downconverter, Kuhne upconverter,

    IC 7900 in Sat mode and pc connectet to the IC 7900 by a USB cable. The up and downlink as well the IC 7900

    are gps stabilized. So i get the correct frequencies quit easy. Test with the calibration function found only

    about 12 hz deviation. After that i transfer some text and a small picture from shore to my sat station and

    it works quit well. The picture was received well but the text has been mixed with HTML signs.

    This of course has nothing to do with the satlink wich was working very well. Maby somebody can tell me

    how to overcome this problem in the Winlink Express adjustment. Sending text from the satstation to shore

    was not working now. Maby it has somethings to do with the HTML signs adjustment. To morrow i will give

    it a try.

    73 Joachim

  • Hi

    For some unknow reason to me, I only paid attention to this post last nigh. I downloaded the software but it was too late to figure out "what does what". Today morning I was fresh to give it a try. And, in less than an hour, I had sent my very first email via QO-100!!!

    This is bloody brilliant!!! My congratulations to all who devised this system, specially to Roberto who made it available via the satellite.

    Since the 90s, when I sent my first msg via Pacsats (using Wisp), I didn't felt this thrill.

    73 FCosta, M0HOJ (also CT1EAT)

  • Good morning i reported to Josè a malfunction of the version 4.1 of the vara modem.

    It seems that sometimes it has problems in decoding, often the correspondent transmits but the server does not decode, the speed decays frighteningly and when the server decodes the SNR value is often extremely low as you can see from the attached screen, which never is happened with version 4.0.2 where the speeds were high.

    I asked if you can check this and possibly release, as soon as possible, a version that works in decoding like the previous one as many fellow radio amateurs are having big problems.

    Roberto IS0GRB

  • After about 1 week of observation and the new 4.2 version of the Vara Sat modem it seems that everything is working correctly.

    If you notice anomalies of connection and/or speed problems it is advisable to report the information to myself and the author Jose EA5HVK via email.

    Thanks for collaboration


    Roberto IS0GRB

  • After a little work from my side the system is working perfect now. I installed Winlink Express

    as well as Vara Modem 4.2.0. Thanks to Roberto IS0GRB and Jose EA5HVG for this good work.

    Make several tests in both direction all is working fine.

    73 Joachim

  • Hello,
    I have tried to setup VARA SAT modem and Winlink Express according to the different hints in this thread. Seems to be ok, but does not connect to IS0GRB anyhow.
    Is there any complete setup-description out there to be used with VARA SAT modem, WinlinkExpress and IC-9700? Would help me to check it again. Thanks a lot!

    Bert, DF2PI

  • Hi Bert, my server is running, no problem

    Be sure to use vara sat modem v.4.2.0 and that freq. is 10489635.
    Normally you should use if possibile a gpsdo or try moving the vfo if not have a tcxo in the radio

    You can monitor your signal using my websdr at

    Sending vara manually in ptt in Settings > Soundcard> Tune you should see your signal in 10489636.5 (+1500Hz)

    If not try to adjust the vfo


    Roberto IS0GRB

  • Keep in mind that you may have connection problems because Ardop does not consider the satellite delay and without modifications as they have been done in Varasat it expects a response for a period of time, otherwise it sends the request again creating a collision.


  • In ardop virtual tnc set the tuning range to max (200) probably the frequency is not exactly and reduce the buffer in sdrconsole so you can see the audio delay at the bottom.
    Also reduce the virtual audio delay, in the program folder you will have a tool that allows you to reduce the buffer (delay). Probably with vara you will have a higher speed.