GTMedia V8 finder for Receiveing DATV

  • Hi,

    I saw somewhere that is possible to receive DATV with GTmedia satfinder. But I can't find how?;(

    I have change the frequency of LNB from 25MHz to 24MHz but I can't find any programm.

    Do I need any special FW for finder

  • Hello,

    I also own the V8 (FW at least 1 years old). I can receive the DATV-beacon (2Mbit) with now problem (also LNB changed from 25 to 24 MHz).

    What is the size of your dish ( I have 85cm offset) ? Can you receive DW-TV or France 24 from BADR 4 ? (assuming that you are in middle europe - when you are in northern or western EU you wil not receive BADR 4).

    73 de Johannes

  • SWL-JanV


    I have the following settings in my V 8 for the beacon.

    I have the same ZF in my LNB like you, so you just can copy-paste my settigs:

    LNB-Frequency: 5150 (yes this is wrong QRG, but in this way it will work)

    TransponderQRG: 4016 Horizontal, symbolrate 2000

    DiseqC 1.0 and 1.1 disabled

    22k off

    Hope you succed.

    73 de Johannes


    thanks for the info !

  • The best way to "point" your dish is for me...

    place a "normal" lnb in the dish...

    put te BADR4 settings in your satrx....

    (motorsettings have the BADR4 settings in the list!!!)

    set to BBC Arabic......

    point your dish to the maximum signal....

    arround 50 to 55% or +-8 to 9 Db on the scalereading of your satrx( will be ok for rx the wb baken ...)

    Replace the "normal" lnb with the "modify" lnb....

    put the qo_100.tar setting in your satrx....

    DONT forget in the setting from your satrx the LNB setting.....CHANGE the lo freq or you DONT rx the WB

  • I can receive the beacon with the V8 Finder using different antennas, from 80 cm to 1,9 m, and different LNB 's: unmodified and GPSDO modified.

    A blind scan discovers the A71A transmission.

    It is also possible to receive the SR1000 transmissions, unfortunately no lower symbol rate.

    Here is a video I posted on Youtube a couple of weeks ago.

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    I am currently using the v8 Finder to point antennas to Es'hail2 with the A71A signal. For fine tuning of the antenna pointing and LNB rotation for DATV reception I use the Minitiouner with its comprehensive set of monitoring data.

    Best 73 de Antonio, EA4LE

    p.s. in my experience for DATV and RB-TV the best performing LNBs are those "free riding" (i.e. not disciplined) and those who produce a clear musical tone on the CW NB beacon (probably those with no jitter or phase noise)

  • Bingo found the A71A. As Johannes suggested...

    But I found only with 24MHz modification. With 25MHz I found around 400channel on

    Badr456 Eutelsat25 and 28 but no A71A.

    I can go further to Octagone receiver to receive lower SR now.

    Thanks for help

  • Can you share the backup of the V8 Finder Usar DB file...

    I am unable to receive the QO-100 with my V8 Finder.

  • VU2OBR Only the original GT-Media Satfinder is able to go down to 736MHz. The China Clowns not. Therefor you need to modify the lnb qrg with another QTAL. I also only have a clone here and it does not work with normal lnb.