NanoVNA V2 3GHz 2.2 version 4 inch display SAA-2N

  • My third NanoVNA has just arrived

    I espoused a philosophy of good tools at affordable prices and this is my third NanoVNA.

    4 inch display SAA-2N. This version has the N connectors, metal case, N-type calibration kit, two cables, a carrying bag, an N female-female adapter, a USB / MicroUSB cable, plus a free gift as an old buyer ...: )

    Basic performance:

    Frequency range: 50kHz - 3GHz

    Frequency tolerance: <2ppm

    Frequency Stability: <0.5ppm

    System dynamic range (calibrated): 70dB (up to 1.5GHz), 60dB (up to 3GHz)

    S11 noise floor (calibrated): -50dB (up to 1.5GHz), -40dB (up to 3GHz)

    Sweep rate: 100 points / s

    Display: 3.95 inch, 320 x 480

    USB interface: Micro USB

    Power: USB, Maximum charge current 1A

    Battery: 3000mAh lithium-ion

    Battery connector: JST-XH 2.54mm

    Maximum sweep points (on device): 201

    Maximum sweep points (USB): 1024

    Port 2 return loss (1.5GHz): 20dB typ

    Port 2 return loss (3GHz): 13dB min

    VNA-QT software supported platforms: Linux, Windows (7+), Mac OS planned

    Some photos and comparison with previous versions of NanoVNA:

  • Hello Luico, congratulation, great HW for below 60€ (what I have seen on China Ali-Ex...).
    I also have bought 2 Nano VNA because I started with the QO-100 project and require something to measure in the range of 2,5GHz.
    I have the v2 since 1,5 month and already outdated. The v2.2 seams to be more solid with the N connector and solid cover, cable, box and calibration set and that for the same price.....

    Did it work with the Nano-Saver as well?

    73, Oliver

  • Be careful ordering just now - the current N-type units are the same hardware as the SMA. Nothing wrong with that. I was tempted but I own a good set of SMA to N adaptors which amounts to the same thing. I would like a larger screen though and a metal case. Hoping these will be available soon on their own as an upgrade kit.

    I think at some point soon there will be a new version designed specifically for the 4" display, or maybe bigger, with SMA or N in a metal case. It might therefore be worth waiting a bit. There is also a 6 GHz version being developed and work to improve the receive port matching. Then you wait a bit longer. What to do with a now redundant Nanovna V1.

    It's really quite remarkable what's been achieved here, it's not up to professional standards, those VNAs cost thousands, but it's more than good enough for most amateur purposes.


  • @DO1OHB

    Yes, it works well with NanoVNA Saver 0.37 vers. x64 just tested.


    This one I just got is Ver. 2.2 with 4 inch screen and metal case.

    In the meantime I opened it to see how it is done inside ... it was born inside with SMA connectors apparently but then during the boxing phase they decided to put the N connectors. I'm doing the first measurements and it seems to work well at 2.4 GHz.

    I also have a whole series of SMA kits but I must say that the solution with N connectors seems to me mechanically more robust.

  • Hallo,
    after playing around a bit with the SAA_2N, I found, the firmware works. It is difficult to calibrate the touch display. After finding the right button and sticking the upper left and the lower right corner, all is fine. Putting the device into DFU, press the left cursor button and switch on. Connecting QT leads to the update menue.
    But, don't update anything until there is more clear information. At present we have some confusion about the display size and the corresponding firmware.

  • Hi Andreas,

    in fact, after the firmware update, everything needs to be calibrated again, including the touch screen. This you do easily only by the three navigation buttons ignoring the touch screen until the correct calibration.

    Regarding the versions of the Firmware and related hardware, our Chinese friends have taken a wrong path in my opinion. They know this and we hope they find the right path as soon as possible. For us buyers, users, but also for their sellers.

    It is not possible to release a version of NanoVNA V2.X every two months by changing only three passive components enough to justify a new version with a different firmware. This is not the way.

    As for your model which should be the same as mine I am testing the latest firmware version available and if it has no problems I will report it in this thread.…are/releases/tag/20200926

  • I have updated my SAA-2N with the latest firmware available vers. 20200926. The correct version to use with this hardware is this: (4 "" V2.74 "from blackmagic)

    Beware of your NanoVNA V2 hardware. Different hardware requires different firmware.

    Also with this version, once updated, the device must be calibrated again, including the touch screen. Use the navigation keys to move around the menu. Once calibrated, the configuration must be saved otherwise everything will be lost once the device is turned off. With this new firmware version, when powered on, the Nano VNA automatically loads the calibration saved in position C0.

  • Hello,

    However, when I play with cursors, it occasionally hangs up.

    I will try to update FW which I understand also gets M0 configuration on power on.

    hi Zvi, welcome to the club. ;)

    Unfortunately, the metal case is not very accurate and the three navigation keys may not be free to move. Make sure they are free to move inside the holes.

    For the firmware I corrected the link since in the meantime they had moved the files to another location.

    For this hardware version the firmware to load is this: "V2.74" from blackmagic

  • Hello Lucio,

    Thanks for your reply.

    I already updated to V2.74.
    So far it works OK.

    It does load the M0 configuration on power up which is good.

    The push buttons are not centered but it is OK.

    Hope it will not hang up...

    There are some minor changes in the GUI design which I will get use to...

  • new firmware available 20201013

    For this hardware "SAA-2N" the firmware to load is 4 "   " V2.74 "from blackmagic

    Changes since last production release:

    • First production release for V2 Plus4
    • Increased save slots to 7
    • Increased maximum sweep points over USB for plus4 to 65536
    • Add CALIBRATE > RESET ALL to completely reset current view
    • AGC bugfixes

    As for previous versions, a new calibration is required after the firmware update, now there are seven slots to save.

    In addition, touch screen calibration is also required

  • Lucio,

    many thanks for your helpful pointer to the blackmagic firmware.

    73 Graham - G3YJR

  • I have a VNA SAA 2N. I would like to connect to my WIn10x64 computer so I can use the VNA Saver. When I plug the VNA in, the computer looks for the driver, & it tells me It can't find it. I look on line but can't seem to find anything. Could someone please post a link so I can download drivers.

    Thanks, Carl.