H.265 Encoder box and Pluto - how to configure?

  • Hi, trying to implement "poor man H.265 encoding solution" using these H.265 Encoder Box available from AliExpress.

    Using Pluto with latest alpha 2908 firmware version from F5OEO, even following the good guide by F5UII the images are going out OK but still struggling to get the audio out. Some points intrigues me:

    1.As soon as Pluto boots up it overrides the previous configuration saved in the H.265 encoder box to this shown in picture A, so I need manually to change the config back as shown in picture B. Is there any way to avoid it?

    2. Also when Pluto boots up it already starts with PTT ON, is it possible to change this condition on start?

    3. Using the UDP option as described in F5OEO documentation page (picture C) it would be an option to the HDMI connection or it is necessary to be configured anyways? My H.265 box here would not accept Sub-Stream set, only main-stream when Pluto is connected (picture D) or we must change something in the H.264/H.265 Control menu? (Figure E)

    Thanks and sorry for excess of pictures, next time better I make a movie! :)


  • Wait a bit - I have been testing the same thing with issues. They are being worked on. You need to check the force compliant box. Audio via HDMI works for me.


    PS, if you don't want the pluto to control the box and use your own settings, simply don't let the pluto know where it is. Configure the box to send UDP to the pluto, it won't know any different.

  • Hi PY2RN - I tested it last night and it works, but you need to power off the box when not using it or change it's IP as it sends multicast as you discovered. It does seem work with the new patch from M0DTS as H264 and H265. The audio via HDMI works fine for me. Video quality is quite good, not as good as you can get with an Nvidia graphics card encoder, but quite adequate at high bit rates - say above 125kb/s. These are very useful boxes.

    I found when switching between H264/5 and various rates the box crashed on occasion. It recovered but this prompted windows to re-arrange the open windows in that unique and unhelpful way windows is so fond of doing, so beware.


  • Hello Ed,

    try another HDMI cable and if you have another source of hdmi signal try it. When I connect my encoder box to the computer, the audio line in System status shows audio informations, if I disconnect HDMI cable these informations disappear.

    It is possible that audio does not come throught your cable or audio is not present in your hdmi connector - wrong setup of audio output on your computer.

    It is also possible to test your computer HDMI output with TV to check if audio is present.

    If audio is flowing to the encoder, the encoder must show audio information, I think.

    I did not use possibility to save Pluto's parameters to the flash memory, I have to set every time all parameters of Pluto again. When I turn on the encoder before the Pluto, Pluto changes all box parameters - I use my own setup. It is a good idea to change encoder IP address - thank you Mike G0MJW :)

    P.S.:We already spoken that my friend OM0MS had similar problem, it was solved after extending desktop in windows to the encoder. But it is not your problem, because your desktop is already extended.

    73 de Pavel OK1PHU