Any interest for a special QO-100 LNB?

  • I had contact with an Aliexpress supplier where I ordered another special type LNB (DRO type with 9GHz LO) and asked if they would be interested in producing a smallish number of special PLL LNB with lower default LO and capability for external reference.

    They appear to be interested in that.

    As a first proposal I sent the following characteristics:

    - PLL type

    - receive frequency 10.489-10.500 GHz

    - LO frequency 9.244 GHz or 10.049.88 GHz (same ratio as 9.75/10.6) (IF 439 MHz or 1245 MHz)

    - optional locking to external frequency reference (sent via the cable) of LO/390 or LO/424.

    - 20mm round waveguide with dielectric lens

    and provided them with some links to info about QO-100.

    Maybe people have other things to add to that?

  • pe1chl I think that is a very interessting appoach. The only thing I see is, that they will go with a MOQ of 1K minimum. So I think we need some commitments for the amsat and/or batc shop to proceed. I will do my best to support you. Remember I am doing purchasing electronics worldwide for over 20 years now..:thumbup:

  • Well, that is of course the next step. First see if they can and want to produce something and if they want to take the risk themselves and sell it via Aliexpress (as they do for the 9 GHz LO LNB which I think is primarily target to 3cm ATV) or if they want people to order 1000 pieces and re-sell that themselves.

    (I suggested both options to them)

    It would of course be great when a shop like AMSAT or BATC would distribute them, and maybe add in some contribution money for the development of satellites.

    (other than that, direct ordering and shipment via Aliexpress of course will be cheaper and easier on the volunteers)

  • If it's possible to get a reasonable MOQ - I think it is a good idea. As it would be a low cost/effort introduction to satellites I think it would help to show a lot of the newer hams some of the things that can be done with amateur radio.

  • Yes I think so as well. Getting 1000 sold does not seem to be completely unrealistic.

    With the above parameters it could be used both for NB with an IF of 70cm or 23cm (only a bias-tee with 22 kHz generator required for 70cm, should be a simple project) and for WB with conventional tuners for 950-2150 MHz.

    But when people have other ideas to make it even more optimal I am all open to that. It still is in the phase where the salesperson is asking the technicians if it can be done.

  • M0VKK: I fear the opposite: Step 1 towards an 'Es'hail-2 / QO-100 Baofeng' is now made.

    Perhaps an idea for step 2, if you can't tinker stuff and have to ask China:

    Model: QO-100 Brand names: Wouxun, Baofeng, Manufacturer: OEM 'X'.

    Based on RDA1846 chip (or newer version), 10480.00 - 10500.00 MHz, FM-channel spacing 10 kHz, CTCSS, 2400 MHz output LOW (5W) / HIGH (50W), built-in GPS, external LNB with dish feed.

    Target sale price: U$ 99 (of course the OEM is requested to produce it for U$ 19 .. ; -)

  • Target price should be 4,49 Euro for this version for 1K order. you know you can by a normal pll lnb at Pollin for 2,49 Euro...:thumbup:

    Yes I know :)

    Of course price for a smaller production run with a manufacturer taking some risk will always be a bit higher. But I think even for 10-20 euro it would be easy to sell as many amateurs do not really like to pry open an LNB (how do you get it watertight again) and fiddle with SMD components.

    The special 10.0-10.7 LNB with 9 GHz LO is 18 euro. But unfortunately it is DRO based, otherwise it would already be interesting for QO-100 too.

  • Dont be happy so fast.

    These chineese will ask their standard question : "What is your moq ?"

    and noone here will order 1000pc of lnb for his own stock

    i alleady asked a suplier for a 1.2m flyaway dish. but they dont work on single quantity.

  • Indeed I am not yet declaring that this will be a success.

    Let's wait what the technician replies, salespersons are always enthousiastic.

    And see what kind of quantity requirement they have...

    I am not prepared to order 1000 pieces and then ship them myself. Not because I would not want to take the risk to order at a value like 5000 euro but because I don't feel like packaging 1000 units individually and ship them over 1/3 the world, receive payments for it, etc.

    But maybe other constructs are possible.

    They offer the DRO LNB for 3cm amateur band with 9 GHz LO, and sell it directly on AliExpress. But I do not know how that came about.