• Hello,

    I made several QSOs (160m up to 6m and also via QO-100) with S01WS. My Sat-QSO is showing up as 13cm SSB in clublog.

    I ordered a few times QSLs (OQRS) via clublog from S01WS (you have to contribute via PayPal) and received all cards very fast. (I have not yet applied for the Sat-QSO-card - but I think this will also be no problem).

    73 de Johannes

  • Thanks for the information Johannes, That's what I wanted to hear. I have HF QSO's showing ok but not the QO-100 X2 QSO's. What was the date you worked it on QO-100?

    73 Ian G4GIR

  • G4GIR

    Hello if you read their QRZ.com entry they say (or at least they sayid it when I read it) that wether the DX nor the manager will respond to Emails.

    But from my own experience I can say, that you get your QSL 100% if you OQRS via clublog with payment via PayPal.

    My QSO with S01WS was on 17/2/19

    73 de johannes

  • Problem is Johannes, My QSO'S on QO-100 are not showing on OQRS, so I can't request them!!! Hence I can't query them because they don't exchange e-mails!! Bit of a pain, still they are /P on QO-100 now so made yet another QSO with hope!!

    Thanks again


    Ian G4GIR

  • Ok on the date of your QSO, Mine was in June 2019 so could be that it was a different operator who may have not uploaded?

    Still at least I know some QSO'S do get up loaded


    Ian G4GIR

  • The quest continues! I can see QSO'S on 13cm which I assume is SAT for other call signs, but my 5 off 5 off QSO's are not showing, 1 with S01WS and 4 with S01WS/P.

    Although S01WS QRZ page intimates no e-mail correspondence, I found that going through the process of OQRS for HF QSO's ive had and confirmed, there is an e-mail address for queries.

    So maybe a chance to sort it out?

    We'll see.


    Ian G4GIR

  • Hello Igor

    Sorry to see you have the same problem, I have to report that I have had no response from the QSL manager refereed to in my previous message. So how we can get the confirmation is beyond me now! Maybe someone can let the manager know that there is a problem.

    But I doubt that will happen.

    It seems to me that getting QSL's via QO-100 has become a secondary occupation, still waiting for Direct QSL's from March this year. Very disappointing.

    Good luck


    Ian G4GIR 110 Wrkd 90 Cfmd

  • Hello Ian

    I received all short wave bands (160...10m) QSLs from S01WS а one year ago (Clublog > PayPal). It received at first in LotW, then papers QSL by mail.

    The problem only with SAT QSO. I believe, someone forgot upload the part of the sat log S01WS and S01WS/p.

    I wrote about it to two e-mail addresses. First from the webpage S01WS (the part contact https://saharadx.jimdo.com/contact/ ), second to which I paid PayPal ongsario@gmail.com . Both unanswered.

    No solution:(

  • I worked with S01WS just now and explained the this problem to him. He promised to give this information`s to the manager (~ a week later, during sked).

    I hope it can help.