GEO sat for the Americas

  • KC9SGV Bernard.. we always are interesting what possibilities we have overall. I joined this group and I will do my best to support you and your team. Also we should have a close look maybe how we should connect satellites with different footprints together in the future. at the moment with the succesfully launch of QO-100 there are plenty new ideas comming up. We all together should see this as an opportunity for our common future on amateur radio. Let us stay in close contact to do the best we can for the whole amateur community together.

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    Ideally perhaps striving for a global Geo Satellite transponder - and before anyone says that's not possible, it is with a network of 3 satellites and inter-satellite links.


    This was plannned in the late 1980s by AMSAT. But Phase-3B & 3C (AO-10/13) made the race. Today, 30 years later, Phase-3E is sitting on ground and waits for money to launch. Global GEO-sats are technically possible but not realistic for an AMSAT non profit organisation. Except you find a generous sponsor.