• Good evening to all, today as many SATELLITE enthusiasts know, the DEAR <OSCAR -7> <AO7>, celebrates its "45 YEARS IN SPACE",


    For this occasion I will send via <QO-100> a commemorative image in the <KG - STV> mode, the transmission frequency will be the one assigned to this activity <10489.625.00 Ghz>

    I hope to do something pleasing, ESPECIALLY those who, like me, still have the chance to make excellent QSOs thanks to this MAGNIFICENT and SURPRISING SATELLITE !!


    73 TO ALL

    IZ5ILX <jn54ac >

  • One of many qso with " K3SZH Josef " .....

    Too bad that many people do not like SATELLITES, with ORBIT "LEO" ......

    Perhaps because there is something to COMPLICATE oneself with life ...

    but this is the BEAUTIFUL one ...

    Of course this is just my thought ..

    73 Vale

  • PA3AOD

    HI Bert,

    sorry I had to leave,

    when I went on the frequency, it was already busy, so I did tests at 630, however the SW, <KG-STV> as far as reception is concerned, does everything by itself, just tune in perfectly to the transmission frequency, you can help the software itself, indicating on the waterfall two dashed lines, the signal must absolutely be inside them.

    One thing IMPORTANT, for the success of the decoding is absolutely the STABILITY, perhaps more than receiving a strong signal, you will see that a small shift in the reception is enough to immediately generate errors (BSR) <Bad Segment Report>

    For now, good reception, on the web you will find a lot of information about it, or there is also a tutorial on youtube, made by: <HEINER DD0KP> a few days ago during the SYMPOSIUM AMSAT-DL


    SOON, via <KG-STV>

    73 Vale

  • Yes Vale seen a couple of youtube films about KG-STV.

    Will leave my RX on 10.489.625 for a couple of days and see if something happens at my screen.

    Made hundreds of SSTV QSO's but only in analog so now switching to digital and satellite, exciting


    Bert PA3AOD

  • HI Bert,

    Very well, I knew you'd succeeded without much trouble,

    as for the TX part, as I said, it is very important that the TXing , but also the RXing , is perfectly aligned, we say that STABILITY IS FUNDAMENTAL.

    It happened to me to receive transmissions with a relatively low signal, but with PERFECT STABILITY, and the result was perfect.

    When you are ready to transmit, we will try with great pleasure.


    73 Vale

  • Hi

    The low activity on AO-7 is sooo sad. I did some DX QSO´s the last weeks and this bird is really great.

    Today Oscar 7 was active in Mode A (10m downlink) and very loud – but nobody was on L