Is there a spectrum display app for the MiniTiouner?

  • I should have been more descriptive, looking for a scan style app that uses the tuner of the Minitiouner and displays signals it receives, similar to a spectrum analyzer.

    The QO100_Live_Tune is taking the BATC WB server and using that as an aid to set freq and SR rate on the Minitiouner, is relies on a internet connection. That is a good app for fast tuning and works well, but not what I am after at the moment.

  • Et voilà...but it's not available now, coming soon...

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  • OK thanks

    I was looking for something to help a couple of new starters get correct alignment of the dish/dual feed etc. Mintiuner needs time to lock and provide an MER as does my GT-Media sat finder, so something that could see all 8 plus MHz of the band and not rely on high processing power when pushing an SDR over the range. Something will crop up to mind at some point. Thanks for the heads up on future development.


  • Hello,

    I am near the end of my work on "Scan & Tioune"

    Using a MiniTiounerPro or a MiniTiouner V2, you can scan and receive at same time.

    If you ask auto detection, CAll sign are written on the spectrum

    just click on the call sign and you get the station.

    So it will be available very soon now.


    Jean-Pierre F6DZP

  • Would the Tiny Spectrum Analyser work with the Minitiouner-Express?

    A side question, is there a way to change the OSCAR 100 presets in the V0.9 version for whenever the beacon is changed?

    Thanks very much for your software.


  • hi Adrian G8UGD

    if you mean to change the preset center frequency of the beacon memorized in the "Q-beacon" button you must edit the "minitiouneConfig.ini" file.

    look for the button definition:



    ; Standard Satellite LNB offset








    and change the "Freq1Value=" accordingly.

    the Symbol Rate must than be changed manually unsless you modify also the value on the 1st SR button:


    ; programmation des boutons de preset Symbol Rate



    ; valeur en kSymbols / value in kSymbols


    ; inscription sur le bouton


    best 73


    i2NDT Claudio

  • Hi Thorsten DL9SEC,

    About Scan&Tioune:


    By using both tuner inputs (A and B)? Or how does it work?

    the software uses both tuner but not always both input, we need one tuner for scanning, one tuner for "Tiouning" and lock on a frequency.

    you can choose which input you want for each tuner, same input can be chosen if you work on the same band for the 2 activities.


    You can receive a station on 437MHz ( input B) and scan QO-100 ( input A) at same time.


    you can receive a station on QO-100 ( input A) and scan 437 MHz ( input B) at same time.


    you can receive a station on QO-100 ( input A) and scan QO-100 ( input A) at same time.

    (this is what you can see on the picture joined in may precedent post.



    Would the Tiny Spectrum Analyser work with the Minitiouner-Express?

    no, it doesn't work with the Minitiouner-Express today.

    Minitiouner-Express is not completely compatible with MiniTiounerPro or MiniTiounerV2, so it complicates my work.

    I think most of my new software will not work any more with Minitiouner-Express.

    MiniTiounerV2 can also be compatible because it can be upgraded to allow it near same fonctionnality as MiniTiounerPro.

    Most of my new software are designed to evolve towards dual receiving, so dual TS possibility will be needed.

    Jean-Pierre F6DZP

  • No, I know about the 8 main frequency and SR presets. What I mean is when you hit the 'OSCAR 100' button it brings out a sub menu of other preset SR and frequencies. If the beacon changes to be 1500MS as quoted, then in my mind it is also likely that the suggested channelised band plan may change. Which could mean a change to this sub menu.