DATV-Easy V2.00

  • Hi there,

    New version compatible with LimeSDR mini, PlutoSDR with manufacturer firmware and Pluto with F5OEO firmware.

    Currently being tested on F5OEO "perseverance" firmware 2021 03 03 ;)

    >> No more need to open several software at the same time and coder or external machine everything is integrated: ^^

    • H265 coding with calculations

    • Send Control replaces Pluto's web interface with a browser.

    • UDP direct output to replace FreeStreamCoder on the latest F5OEO firmwares (in Ethernet)

    • Relay control

    • Monitoring

    • Extension of frequencies from 10 to 6000 MHz

    • Added Default frequency of 15 fsp

    • Check “All Automatic” to choose all automatic or manual definition and image frequency.

    • Can receive external frequency and SR commands via UDP request for use with software such as the longmynd client.

    • Added manual PTT control of relays or digital outputs.

    Coming soon to beta testers

    73 Dominique F1EJP

  • Thank you Dominique,

    Please add LimeSDR USB, I tested with DATV-EASY V1.25 its working fine but unable to change the TX frequency.


    Saro VU2OBR

  • Hi Dominique and thank you for all the hard work and commitment you put into it!

    I have tested and I am thoroughly testing the 1.25, in my case I have some problems under 250 ksr and even at 1500 ksr, but maybe it's my pc that is smart!

    I look forward to 2.0 to see if these little problems go away!

    Thanks again for everything! :thumbup::thumbup: