Software DVB-S demodulator

  • After a lot of tests, I managed to demodulate with RTLSDR even in sr66 but in qpsk, no tests yet in apsk for lack of TX on Oscar 100, it would be good to find the sensitivity of the old version, great software


    Hi Laurenti I also tried the new version on the 16apsk mode very difficult to encode with the RTLSDR key only 8psk fast encoding for the moment no one in tx 16apsk are still waiting, at this point there is no one who wants to do tests



  • Hello Everybody,

    The Software works amazing for me.

    Its really nice what a great bit of work is invested in the possibility to receive DATV for everybody.

    Really thank you to Marcel.

    When i make some tests, i have two ideas to make it better.

    -the possibility to make carrier recovery activated when software starts

    -when i receive a signal and the transmission is paused, the SR have to been changed again to the same SR before.

    Thanks for your great work,

    Dominik DL1DJH