NB Station Description and User Reports, Statistic

  • Hello all,I am very happy...it works!!!!!

    Here all is ANALOG made from spare parts from junkboxes ....hi

    My self made setup:

    RX :

    -SSB el. XRM-1 converter (neosid 5061 bypassed)-converter 265MHz to 431MHz (osc. is TTL brick 41.5Mhz x 4=166MHz)......HM preamp.made from one sat.LNB+1m dish


    -DD9DU HM transverter+144 to 224MHz simple TX converter +PA abt 20W in 43el.DC3XY yagi hor....and about 10m Aircom+ cable.Some first QSOs I made with yagi in left hand on balcony,temp -3deg!

    Signals was very strong,some overdrived,but nobody is ideal (me to....hi)!

    Thanks very much and see you soon

    old grandfather Zlatko-JN95GM

  • Really enjoyed yesterday!

    RX using 85 cm offset dish with Octagon OSLO LNB modified with remote LO - 25 MHz OCXO - inserted in the shack through a simple diplexer. RTL dongle plus HDSDR. Transponder noise level 11 dB above "background".

    TX using 1 m prime focus and linear feed. Power is 30 W through 20 meter coax - 6 dB attenuation - giving 7,5 W at the feed.

    With this setup my own signal is 13 dB S/N in 2,5 kHz BW on the downlink. I can copy SSB signals down to 4-5 dB S/N. A few excessive strong signals are 20 dB S/N or more, but most in the 10 - 15 dB S/N range.

    As a test I have received - seen on the waterfall - my own carrier down to a level of 5 mW (measured in the shack). Thats 1,25 mW at the feed! But that is just few dB above noise in 2,9 Hz BW.

    73 Ole OZ2OE

  • 1st test today

    rx: Octagon not modified, 100cm offset, RSPduo

    tx: transverter SG-lab barefoot, 2w, 1m of 141 coax, 85cm offset, helix 4t homemade

    not properly pointed... but still 8/10dB over beacon...

  • Update: first uplink test made with 2W from LZ5HP transverter (not verified; according to others it could be 1W as well) via 10m of cable (-2.3dB) into SHF-1340 yagi (40el) which still needs optimization of pointing.

    Result is: QSO possible but weaker than average station, should find some 5-6dB I think.

  • Hallo Achim,

    TRX IC-910

    Octagon Twin LNB, 27 GPSDO, Mixer to 144MHz,

    TP Noise 60cm ca.10dB, Technisat 48 X 45cm ca. 6dB, 35cm ca.2-3dB

    on 15/16 first TX Test, 70cm to 13cm TRV LZ5HP ( SG Labs) 2W + 2m ECOFLEX 10 on 20ele Yagi from EPS Antennas (14,4 dBD or 16,5 dBi) ca. 12dB in cw, 20W PA ( DG0VE) ca. 800W ERP 2/3db > CW-Bake

    VY 73 tnx Good job, Jürgen

  • how is the stability of SGLabs transverter?

    I´ve made the same observations here...

    For short transmission passages that´s ok, with digital transmissions of up to 60 seconds you can clearly see how the device worms up and the "TXCO" drifts away.

    Most transmissions, espacially at low power fail for this reason.

    With GPSO its all ok. Also with lowest uplink power.

    73s de Robert

  • ... depends on the size of the transmitting antenna. With my 1,2m dish and helix feed, 3 dB loss for cable, I can generate with the naked transverter a CW signal with about 20dB over transponder noise. Enough for SSB and some digital modes ...

    By the way, my transverter has "only" 1 watt transmission power ...

    73s de Robert

  • Dear All,

    During our last days in Qatar we have been feeding Es'hailSat with reports from stations using Qatar-OSCAR 100 and show them also some amazing setups with small stations, even with Patch antenna from the window.

    Es'hailSat requested the following information's.


    Please let us know if countries like Brazil, India and Thailand and northern Europe are using the transponders.

    Moreover, it will be good to have some usage statistics: maximum simultaneous voice communications....

    So perhaps we can place below some reports, stations description etc..

    Reports should include equipment used, antenna diameter/type (photos?) and also the level of the Passband noise above the LNB noise.. etc.

    I believe someone already suggested to maintain a database?

    Or anyone volunteering to collect all the information and summarize?

    Results would be published and also sent to Es'hailSat !!

    Please support us..

  • Hi Peter - I presume you have been sleeping all day, what a week :-)

    Paul M0EYT (uhf-satcom.com) has been requesting pictures to make a gallery on his site, but I have not seen it yet. I have put my station info on my QRZ.COM page.

    I have 11-12dB transponder noise above LNB noise here.

    I have heard a couple of Brazilian stations but nothing from Thailand and India yet.

    Of course, people with less money to spend may have chosen to wait until the whole thing actually works before constructing a station.

    But I heard other exotic stations like Western Sahara.

    The majority of the stations is English, German, Dutch, French etc, but I am sure that is going to change.

  • Hi Rob - already had to go back to work today... a little bit later.. But could not resist to listen to BATC WebSDR ;-) Everything is still somehow surreal to me.. so overwhelming to see the dream finally comes true.

    Now I remember that it was Paul announcing to create a gallery.. Hope he will still do it.. Or someone else will create a database or at least a summary if people post here...

    --hard too keep my eyes open.. good night!