LNB PCB with SMA for external Dualband-Feed

  • How about using the LNB PCB board, remove it from the case, remove the antenna rod and replace it by an SMA connector to connect directly to the Dualband-Feed (AMSAT-DL, bamatech)?

    Actually someone already did it :-)

    Look at page 11 - 13 !!

    Very clever, even still waterproof and no extra case needed..

    Peter Gülzow | DB2OS | AMSAT-DL member since 1983 | JO42VG

  • Another possibility is, just to remove the antenna-pins from the PCB and mout a coaxcable instead of it and lead it through the waveguide.


    Armin DF1QE

  • Very clever to use the original cover!

    On the other hand for lowest noise figure it is hard to beat having the antenna directly in on the gate of the the first amplifier.
    The best LNB option in my view would be to find a low cost "slim" LNB with a fitted dielectric lens that is a PLL unit and preferably using a 25MHz crystal for easy conversion from 10MHz.
    I'm on the hunt for a suitable unit and have a couple of slim LNB in transit.

    It's great that Oscar 100 forces us to build for microwaves.
    I find it really enjoyable trying to figure out how to build a station in the smartest way and I guess so does a lot of other Ham.
    Lots of great ideas and builders on this forum.
    Fun times! :-)

  • SM7PNV Those LNB's have been found months/years ago ; -) (and also in use at several QO-100 stations & locked to GPS etc.)

    Point is, most fora don't have 'a memory' (it's more like a labyrinth), so everyone starts his own thread and invents his wheel : -)