Two minitiouners on one PC

  • Hello to all,

    I tested, if it is possible to operate two Minitiouners on one PC. I used Minitiouner-Express and Minitiouner-S. I tested it with Mionitioune Scan & Tioune V0.2k software. When I started this software once, Minitiouner-Express was detected. When I started the same software secondly, the Minitiouner-S was detected.

    I also tried Minitioune Scan & Tioune and Minitioune v1_0_1_1c. When I connected only the Minitiouner-S and started Minitioune v1_0_1_1c, the Minitiouner-S was recognised. After that I connected Minitiouner-Express and started Minitioune Scan & Tioune. The Minitiouner-Express was recognised too.

    Minitiouner-Express was receiving my signal directly on 13cm, because there was not the second output on my LNB.

    So, it is possible to run two Minitiouners on one PC in at least two ways. Perhaps it is a known information, but I did not know it.

    Happy Easter and see you on the sattelite.

    73 de Pavel OK1PHU

  • Hello Jürgen,

    good to know it. I thought, that it is not possible to operate two minitiouners on one computer. But my tests are clear and you confirmed it. It looks that it does not matter what models of minitiouners are used.

    All our minitiouners are with one USB output only - so no possible to use both tuner inputs at one time I think. It would be interesting to try minitiouner with two USBs. I am curious if it would be possible to run minitioune software for each USB output and use both tuner inputs at one time.

    73 de Pavel OK1PHU

  • Hello Frank DD0CW,

    I have read your message, but I did not answer yet. Sorry for that. I can not find your message now. Thank you for the informations of new software development status. And thank you for your findings.

    73 de Pavel OK1PHU

  • Hallo all ...

    hallo PAVEL OK1PHU...

    in this moment i read this THREAD....

    i can confirm that 2 Minitiouners are working well on Windows (10) ...i am using MiniTiouner-S and PRO V2 via USB and can use 2 instances of MiniTioune or/and Scan &Tioune Software.
    The goal to use the MinitIounerPro V2 (2 Tuners and 2 USB) for independent RECEIVERS was never reached (for public use). I made last year some recerche on this and found that the tuners can indenpedendly controlled on LINUX (longmynd) and Windows (test my Minitoiune) ...but the software was not ready made .... i dont know the reason....???

    73 de Mike dg0opk

  • Hello Mike,

    there are only one USB on my Minitiouners, but we will see in the future. It would be nice to use one instance of Minitioune for two Minitiouners or for one Minitiouner with two USBs.

    73 de Pavel OK1PHU

  • While waiting for the DUALTIOUNE software, it would be nice to simply have a special version of actual MINITIOUNER software that can use the second receiver inside Pro V2 MINITIOUNER, on second USB port.

    This way you could use two separate instances of MINITIOUNER on the same PC to receive two separate channels.

    I guess the change is quite fast. It should be proposed to JP.

    73 Rocco IK8XLD

  • Using Toms ZR6TG client and a raspberry 2 or better will make a nice networked Minitiouner RX..

    So minitiouner connected to a raspberry 2b (or better).

    Load a longmynd server onto the raspberry.

    Install a windows client and use multicast to view the video all over the network.

    Use multiple raspberries with multiple MT and your close to a winterhill (witch is even better).