What TX amplifier do you plan to use?

  • apologies for my writing in translation

    After a 1 year standstill, I picked up the famous pa umts with the two BLD6G22L (the same one found on numerous posts on the net) to transit on the satellite in datv.

    These are the problems I have encountered and am asking for help:

    - Launching power the same power supply would sit and go from 28V to 14V, this suggests many things, but by slightly unscrewing the PA circuit the problem was eliminated.

    - With the two driver boards (tested in TX alone so working) the PA does not work, remaining cold (I have no suitable measuring instrument to check anything else).

    I have not made any other modifications apart from the input and output connectors

    I would like to point out that the pluto works regularly by testing it locally.

    My knowledge is limited to do anything else but it baffles me that the exact same problems are strangely the same with an identical PA taken to make up for some electronic problem with the former.

    Has anyone experienced the same difficulties?


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  • Hi Tjalling,

    Thank you for your interest. The documentation file size is too big for a forum attachment, so please drop me an email (dj0vl@gmx.de) and I will send you the sketch and some documentation.

    73 Jean

    PS: This applies to everyone else too: If you are interested in the LMP92066 programming sketch, please contact me by email.

  • Dear All,

    I'm building a DATV amp based on a BLC9G22XS-400AVT board. I will put this board into an aluminum box from Hammond and that box on a big heatsink.

    Now I wondering what would be the best option to avoid emission through the DC supply line. I was thinking of using feed through caps, but I'm having doubts that this works as permanent solution. Because if I solder the DC wire directly to the ft cap on the outer side, I the mechanical stability (-> bending of the DC supply line) is probably not very durable. So I would prefer something like a socket (e.g. banana connector).

    Do I miss anything or am I thinking too complicated in this case? Ferrite..?

    Please can someone help me out and share his experience with shielded amplifier enclosure and the DC supply line?

    Thanks in advance


  • Its 2.4Ghz not HF..

    Ferrite is not needed(does not work on 2.4Ghz). 5 pf cap is a complete short on 2.4Ghz but it leaks thru a 1 cm opening.

    Keep your internal leads short special on the 50Ohm coax side. nice case around the internal shielding is best option to make it beautiful but most amplifiers end up next to the dish and not in the shack e.g. make it weatherproof and not beautiful.

    Keep in mind a few meters cable with normal N connectors will give easy 3DB loss and you do not want to heat up the air with hot coax cables..