Spanish Authorities grant temporary approval for Es'Hail 2 (QO-100) up-linking!

  • A temporary approval for the use of the 2400,050-2409,500 MHz segment of the 13cm band for Es’Hail 2 (QO-100) up-linking has been granted by the Spanish Authorities to radio amateurs with a valid license. With this approval no special permits (complex and time consuming) will be required.

    This is great news and a great advancement for those of us in wait!

    Thanks to AMSAT-EA and URE (the Spanish Radioamateurs Union) for the negotiations that have resulted in this temporary approval!


    Antonio, EA4LE


    Best 73 de Toni, EA4LE / KC2HAX

    A veteran of AO-10, AO-13 and AO-40 8)

  • This is excellent news Antonio, congratulations to AMSAT-EA and URE.

    As we keep saying regarding the amateur radio spectrum.. "use it or loose it"..

    QO-100 (P4-A/Es'hail-2) certainly helps a lot here too.. :-)

    I hope the same for some other countries, where there are still restrictions.

    Peter Gülzow | DB2OS | AMSAT-DL member since 1983 | JO42VG

  • Thanks Peter!

    Yesterday I was delighted to have the chance of making my maiden QSO on QO-100!

    I guess we will see a significative increase in the number of EA stations.

    Best 73 de Toni, EA4LE / KC2HAX

    A veteran of AO-10, AO-13 and AO-40 8)

  • Up to date, only some individual stations were temporary in disposal of access to uplink 2.4 Ghz satellite by means of individual permissions request to Authorities. Now, this is a collective granted access for Spanish hams , Remco..

    73,s !!


  • Before now all fellow holiday makers from central Europe take their portable QO-100 gear with them to their next EA summer vacations and start pirate operations please be advised that this special permit in EA is:

    • limited to EA licensed hams only (no CEPT operations !)
    • limited to SSB phone mode only
    • a temporary permit valid until 26th of September 2019 only

    For those of you fluent in spanish here is the original publication link by the Spanish ministry:

    Lets hope AMSAT-EA / URE can get this successfully extended into a continous approval after this trial period and will be able to remove the above three restrictions. :-)

  • Which European/AF/AS countries still do not have a license of 2.4 GHz? we can make a list of DXCC countries without licence. Maybe this be useful laso for any DX expeditions?

    Sweden allows 2.4GHz but we are limited to 100mW witch makes Voice and TV transmission on Oscar 100 a bit challenging,
    I have applied for an exception but had have no respons yet.

  • SM7PNV We had a thread/There is a thread in which the status of 2.4 GHz per country was tried to inventorize.

    From a Dutch perspective (small & crowded country) it is almost unbelievable that a big country as Sweden with much lower population densities allows 100 mW , whereas here we're allowed to make 120W output (+ antenna gain).

    Do you know reasons why it's limited to 100 mW in your country?

    Microwave ovens may produce > 700W, why not licensed amateurs ? ; -)

  • No I don't. I guess it is is to minimize WiFi interference.
    We used to be allowed 1000W on all bands included 2.4GHz.
    They lowered to 100mW around the time WiFi become ubiquitous so I guess it's to make it easy for the regulatory agency and to minimize the number of interference cases they would (possibly) have to deal with.
    We are at the mercy of the regulatory agencies and the commercial interest are probably better represented at negotiation tables.
    I'm guessing they some times makes decisions that is aimed to lower their work burden as well. This might be the result of such a decision but I don't really know, I am only speculating.

    I have had a request in for an exemption to use 10W but I have had no official decisions from them yet.
    I'm running a small business with radio amateur related products and I would like to sell self-designed Oscar 100 related products,
    Without an exception I will only be able to produce CW signals when doing my development and testing and that is a pretty bad limitation for for me.
    We will see what happens.

    Another option is to build a 4m parabolic reflector for the up-link.
    Not that I'm not up to the challenge to build a 4m reflector but my neighbors might think it is starting to look a bit to much like a radio astronomy site :-D

    A smaller reflector and 10W would make more sense.
    I'm hoping for sense and sensibility to make it ways to our regulatory agency.



  • SM7PNV Yeah, could be to 'protect' WiFi interests. Having been there several times myself, I know that the majority of your enormous country is very low populated and that lots of people in the northern parts (holiday houses etc) use (2.4 GHz) WiFi links for internet connectivity.

    But here I make several 100's W EIRP in a densily populated neighborhood and have no troubles. In fact, my laptop is ca. 1.2m away from the dish feed and I experience

    no hiccups concerning the 2.4 GHz WiFi internet connection.

    Hopefully you will be rewarded with the 10W exception : -)

  • Looks like the first holiday maker did his first illegal CEPT operation on QO-100 from Spain... :-)

    Just heard EA5/F1*** (rest of callsign anonymized)

    Maybe bringing this thread up again will help to inform other hams in order to be patient until a final regular agreement has been negotiated with Spanish authorities.