Spanish Authorities grant temporary approval for Es'Hail 2 (QO-100) up-linking!

  • A temporary approval for the use of the 2400,050-2409,500 MHz segment of the 13cm band for Es’Hail 2 (QO-100) up-linking has been granted by the Spanish Authorities to radio amateurs with a valid license. With this approval no special permits (complex and time consuming) will be required.

    This is great news and a great advancement for those of us in wait!

    Thanks to AMSAT-EA and URE (the Spanish Radioamateurs Union) for the negotiations that have resulted in this temporary approval!


    Antonio, EA4LE


  • This is excellent news Antonio, congratulations to AMSAT-EA and URE.

    As we keep saying regarding the amateur radio spectrum.. "use it or loose it"..

    QO-100 (P4-A/Es'hail-2) certainly helps a lot here too.. :-)

    I hope the same for some other countries, where there are still restrictions.

  • Before now all fellow holiday makers from central Europe take their portable QO-100 gear with them to their next EA summer vacations and start pirate operations please be advised that this special permit in EA is:

    • limited to EA licensed hams only (no CEPT operations !)
    • limited to SSB phone mode only
    • a temporary permit valid until 26th of September 2019 only

    For those of you fluent in spanish here is the original publication link by the Spanish ministry:

    Lets hope AMSAT-EA / URE can get this successfully extended into a continous approval after this trial period and will be able to remove the above three restrictions. :-)

  • Yesterday the special permit in Spain has expired.

    The good news is that there is a new special permit for using QO-100 uplink frequencies with effect of yesterday 26th of September 2019 and valid for one year. You can find here the new permit.

    The permit is worded to be valid for all "holders of valid amateur radio licenses".

    While not being an advocate in my personal view this wording could be interpreted that it is also valid for all foreign hams operating under CEPT license in Spain.

    The general rules were modified slightlty:

    • no mode restriction anymore to phone mode as in previous permit (this means now all modes including DATV should be legal)
    • restriction is still limiting to a maximum of 1500W ERP
    • NEW: the station must use an antenna with not less than 22.5dBi Gain

    I guess the last point is to avoid local interferences of other services, by use of a highly directive antenna.

    (I guess for circular polarisation you can remove 3dB from that value, hi hi ;))

    Permit is on a non-interference basis and in case of interference to other radio services all transmissions need to be stopped with immediate effect.

    73 de Oscar DJ0MY

  • The State Secretariat of Spain for Telecommunications and Digital Infrastructures has granted authorisation until 26 December 2022 to holders of amateur radio authorisations to carry out amateur service broadcasts in the 2410 MHz frequency band from 2.400,050 to 2.410 MHz, with a maximum e.i.r.p. of 1500 watts and using directional antennas with a gain of not less than 21.5 dBi, from authorised amateur radio stations located anywhere in the national territory to the QO-100 satellite located at orbital position 25.9°E of the geostationary orbit.…/RESOLUCION-CONCESION.pdf