Es'hail-2 beacon frequency (non-amateur)

  • That's pretty interesting. Now an extra satellite meter has just arrived, on Saturday I should be testing my own 45cm x 35cm dish, and able to compare it against my 1.1M dish, and against the calculated differences in gain

  • With my 3m dish i can just rx es'hail 1 transponder....

    That does not surprise me... with my 80cm I cannot receive it at all.

    At 26e I do receive a couple of transponders on Badr but these are on a European beam ('BSS') not the MENA or Africa beams of those satellites.

    As Es'hail-2 has only MENA beam according to their website, I do not expect to receive it at all (on DVB).

    Apparently the beacons are on a wider beam. And of course, so is the AMSAT transponder.

  • @ PE1CHL and ON4BHM

    in south east Germany (JN58xx) I can receive all BSS BADR4 transponders with my 85cm offset dish (strongest one is 11996 H (e.g. Deutsche Welle), but not the mena beam. On 11.270 I can see just a slight higher "noise" in the spectrum of about 35 MHz width - maybe that is the rest of the signal of the transponder from ES Hail 2 TV-Test pattern ???

  • Here is a waterfall plot of the 10706 beacon received using unmodified Octagon LNB and RSP1A SDR driven by HDSDR, audio fed via VAC to WSJT-X. Dish = 0.3f/D 3m, underilluminated.

    The straight trace is a GPS locked signal generator at the IF, showing that the RSP1A is stable. Looks like the unmodified Octagon would be adequate for SSB operation, with a little retuning from time to time! Assuming of course that the transponder LO is as stable as the beacon!

  • Hi

    Since 1/1/2019 i was monitoring the EB on 11205V

    Today i made some new measurements and noticed no change in Azimuth or Elevation for the last 4 days

    Further Eshail 1 is on 25.5 east, while Eshail 2 is at 26 deg , so exactly 0.5 deg more to the east

    Used RX setup is an Andrew 4.9m Esa Earth station

    More reports comming


  • Some tests in GG77 Resende - Rio de Janeiro.

    120cm dish + LNB Avenger PLL 321 + RTL.


    73 !

    Congratulations!!! Looks really nice...

    If I counted correctly, we will have at least 3 operators from Brazil

    PY1SAN, PY2SDR, PY4ZBZ :-)

    Meanwhile our JAMSAT friends are supporting RAST Thailand to install a P4-A station at the RAST headquarter at the Bangkok University which they hope to have ready by March.

    Lot's of DX expected-- from Brazil to Thailand.. :-)

    Peter Gülzow | DB2OS | AMSAT-DL member since 1983 | JO42VG

  • PY1SAN:

    Nice duoband-solution. The RX seems to work very well.

    Did you test the Helix feed (of course NOT in direction to 26E ;-)) ) - is there interference of the TX-signal on 2,4 GHZ with the reception of the LNB ? What about the loss in gain because of the helix-feed is "to close" to the dish and not really in the focus ?

    Any information and data would be appreciated.

    73 de Johannes, DL5RDI

    P.s. thanks to Heiner for posting the Youtube-Video !!

  • According to the literature, the phase centre of a helix is located very close to the reflector plate of the helix, so having the downconverter looking through a hole in the reflector plate should be OK.

    The helix will cause some blockage on receive, but probably not enough to cause a problem. I have a similar feed with 2.25 turns for a prime focus dish and it seems to be working fine on receive.