Es'hail-2 beacon frequency (non-amateur)

  • Hello,

    just a little info.

    I tried today to receive the beacon on 10706MHz with a 50cm offset mirror. LNB Octagon OTLSO (1301) with 27MHz GPSDO. S / N about 19.6dB. The 60cm Qffsetspiegel was about 1.5dB S / N better. QTH JO61VC

  • Ok, but what DVB-S signal do you want to receive? I know only one DVB-S signal on 11.270 from this orbit position, its from BADR 7 on the east MENA beam.

  • Hallo...

    i made a reference scan in TV BAND with my small 85cm dish now and I can see some peaks in the spectrum from BADR 5,6 and 7 .... thats normal but no TV-Signal lock.

    Maybe you can use it for reference.... without Es'Hail 2....

    if he is switched on we can compare if there is anything to see "out of footprint" in the TV band in central DL.

    I got locked for DVB-S/S2 ...

    1 Transponder on BADR7 10970 V (NW AFRICA BEAM), the other locked Transponders are from BADR 4 (BSS and FSS BEAM...).

    BTW i receive the 10706 Beacon from ES'Hail2 with linear LNB H-POL at around 38dB S/N @ 65536 FTT bins at 1.024MSps (so BW is 15Hz) with RTL-SDR V3 with SDR#.

    This means an S/N @ 1HZ BW of +12dB so at around 50dBHz.

    Dani EA4GPZ heas measured on my recording with LINRAD 51.5dBHz.

    Maybe some other can also publish there receiving parameters/results.
    (DISHSIZE,LNB,S/N with SDR Parameters -SR/FFT)

    73 de dg0opk

  • This is test referred to EsHailsat-2.

    Success. I tuned it on BADR-7 - 10.969000 IO receive this signal Audio is perfect image is not fluid at 100% but this is a step ahead. Thank you so much for your help DG0OPK ! YEs it isn't EsHailSat2 but help me to understand that Minitoiune run.

  • Hello all

    Trying to receive Eshail2 from KM69 with a 60cm offset disk with Octagon PLL and a rtl-sdr receiver.

    So far i managed to get something guess..

    The two closer peaks around center marker starts on 00 of every hour lasts a few mins as i observe..

    I receive this signal both on V and H (H weaker) and dissapears if i move sat or block lnb with my hand

    Everything sounds like eshail 2.. Except I couldnt get anything from 11.205 beacon..

    Maybe my rtl doesnt go up to 1455 mhz..Not sure..

    Does somebody confirm this is eshail2 beacon??

    Best Regards..


  • Yes, this is the right beacon on 10706 MHz. I had the same problem with the 11205 MHz with some RTL. which therefore does not exceed 1000 MHz. With the new RTL2832 "New Gen" (green) everything is coming.

  • When you see signals but not the expected patterns or only one of the two, you are likely pointed to the wrong satellite. This can easily happen as other satellites used beacons on almost the same frequencies, and are located e.g. at 31.5e and 19.2e.

    It is easier when you have a DVB-S(2) receiver as you can verify the satellite you are pointed to by checking the TV programmes you receive.

    When you are checking from Europe (i.e. not from the target area of these satellites) you cannot receive most programmes, but e.g. on 11996 MHz Horizontal 27.5MS/s 3/4 FEC you can receive a strong transponder with Arabic versions of news programmes. This is not from Es'hail-2 but from another Arabsat at 26e.

    Hi Rob,

    Thanks for the detailed answer! I made another effort and realized that I made a mistake: I didn't changed polarization while jumping from the upper to the lower frequency beacon (right now I need to rotate my LNB by hand...:) ) this is why the lower freq beacon's side bands was not showing up (buried in noise). Just right after I rotated the LNB by hand it's magically moved up from noise :) So I was on the right bird but wrong polarization... (V instead of H).

    I've put up an online stream for you guys (perhaps sporadically turns down, an experimental setup, changed my Inmarsat setup to this temporary):
    OpenWebRX + RPi 3 + RTL-SDR V3 + Inverto LNB

    (edit: the LNB is somewhat modified, was opened once and the plastic cover is broken so the metal part is exposed to air)



  • That sure looks like the correct signal, but it is strange that you have a polarization issue as the signal from the beacon is RHCP (circular polarization).

    I do receive it both H and V here. Cannot turn the LNB but I can switch it.

    The frequency instability is similar to what I have here, i.e. not as bad as some people write.

  • and this is mine.. :)

    1) OCTAGON Single LNB OPTIMA, Model: OSLO with PLL, *unmodified*

    2) 85cm offset dish from PrimeX with motor

    3) Airspy+

    4) SDR#

    5) Weather: strong winds (the shaking causes wobbling in the plot) and rain, around 6°C

    The Grey bar is 300 Hz wide, CW bandwidth..

    So there is more or less 300 Hz drift over 10 minutes and more. Or much less in short term.. Where is the problem? Am I just lucky?

    Peter Gülzow | DB2OS | AMSAT-DL member since 1983 | JO42VG