(Angefragte) Infos zu externen Es-hailSat Moduln von "SG"

  • ;)Hi Berndt,
    The only difference between V1.4 and 1.5 is the type of Rx/Tx relay. Now
    we use Panasonic RF relay, because Omron discontinue previously used G6Z
    series RF relays. All specifications are the same.
    We use VCTCXO with +/- 2.5 ppm frequency stability in wide temp ragne,
    -25...+70 deg. When transverter is used in normal conditions- in
    temperature range +15...+30 deg. , frequency stability is about +/-
    As this is a VC-TCXO, there is a possibility for fine tuning of
    frequency by on-borad multi-turn trimmer.
    Any type of external 10 MHz reference can be used. Sine wave is
    preferred, the level must be in the range -10...0 dBm.
    We plan to produce 2.4 GHz as a simple separate module. There are 2
    directional couplers . First - at the input , it can be used to measure
    nominal input drive. The second directional coupler measure forward and
    reflected wave at the output. There are diode detectors at all couplers,
    but there is no MCU and LEDs . The voltage can be measured by a
    Voltmeter. The amplifier will be mounted in a milled aluminium case, it
    can mounted on an additional heatsink. The sizes of this box are:
    82x57x20 mm (without SMA connectors)
    The price of 13cm transverter is 210 Euro. The price of 20W PA for 2.4
    GHz is not yet defined, but expected price will be in the range 110-130
    Euro. The price for economy shipping to Germany is 8 Euro for 1 unit, 10
    euro for 2 units. The price for shipping by DPD is 16 Euro.

  • DJ7WL There are many people on the transponder using this. The audio quality is fine. The most advantage in comparison to the BU-500 are the 2W output which is absolute ok for NB transmision. I am running BU-500 with 300mW out into 60cm dish that is a little bit to less for a comfortable signal.

  • Hi Heiner

    thank you for the fast response. Well, i will ask there what time the transverter is on stock again. Will be the banktransfer with IBAN and BIC possible? Due to your message a PA will not be neccessary?

  • You have to check banktransfer I don´t know this I never ordered there up to now. My expirience is that many stations with 2W and dishes from 60 - 100 cm work fine.

  • If you put a plastic box under the boom of the dish putting the up-converter in there then you have only a short cable between the up-converter and the feed and so the cable attenuation is minimal.

  • Will be the banktransfer with IBAN and BIC possible?

    I ordered mine last year and used IBAN euro banktransfer and it went smoothly.

    You can send a mail to them and order the transverter and they will mail back an invoice with all the bank details.

  • I am using this Transverter. I am very fine with it. With 2W out, 6m Aircell 7 cable into a 5-turn Helix + 80cm dish. The signal is normally 6 dB above the noise. The helix from Winkler-Antennen seems to have a bad SWR (> 1:2.0), but it works. I ordered a N1201A Analyzer to test it. I should still have patch feeds from AO-40, but they are deep in my "electronic mud"....

    Does anyone remember the OM from Italy, who build AO-40 down-converters with 60cm dish. Is he still active ?

    73, Martin DL9SAD

  • I´m very pleased with the combination of SG Lab transverter and PA so far.

    My question: Are there measurable advantages, if I use an external 10 MHz reference together with this transverter?

    So far I didn´t see any necessity for it.

    I´m working only SSB and use all my QO-100 equipment indoors with exception of my TCXO stabilized LNB.

  • Hi DG2SBL,

    based on my experience the internal TCXO is quite accurate and has only a very tiny drift...something like 100-150Hz during warming up or in-between transmissions.

    Specially noticable when operating outdoors at cool temperatures (bigger temperature differences than indoor use). But I also noticed the drift indoors.

    I think for SSB work this is fully acceptable and almost not noticeable. I used it in the past at home with and without GPSDO.

    Now I use it only for my portable station and always without GPSDO, since I do not want to carry so much equipment, hi.

    The external 10MHz reference + GPSDO is therefore only required if you really want to be "rock solid" on frequency.

    73 de Oscar DJ0MY