NB Station Description and User Reports, Statistic

  • Hi Rob - already had to go back to work today... a little bit later.. But could not resist to listen to BATC WebSDR ;-) Everything is still somehow surreal to me.. so overwhelming to see the dream finally comes true.

    Now I remember that it was Paul announcing to create a gallery.. Hope he will still do it.. Or someone else will create a database or at least a summary if people post here...

    --hard too keep my eyes open.. good night!

    Peter Gülzow | DB2OS | AMSAT-DL member since 1983 | JO42VG

  • Already working... unbelievable!

    Well I have been on the WebSDR at work too, last week. Especially when the transponder was suddenly opened sooner. And that first night will never be forgotten (unfortunately I was not ready, put up the antenna only next day).

    Our group is also working on TV stuff. We have the ATV relay PI6ATV that transmits a multiplex of 17 channels in DVB-S2 on 3cm already (some of the HD), and we are arranging for reception and relay of the QO-100 wideband TV (one-way of course), received on a 2.7m dish using MiniTiouner and relayed from the receive location to the repeater via HAMNET link. Testing is going on right now, I saw parts of the beacon video coming by.

  • Hello all,

    still experimenting on equipement, but this is what i'm using since a week now:

    TX: Kuhne transverter with 2m IF and an amplifier , 2W(or max 4W,depending on used dish) at feed into a dualband feed on 95cm offset; or 60cm prime with G3RUH patch or 3.75t helix.

    RX: octagon pll lnb into 30cm!!!! small camping dish, to IF 439MHz. FT-847 will be used in SAT-mode and NORMAL tracking, so allways on right freq shift. All is GPS locked.

    transponder noise +-12db above local

    Will put some more info on my test later.


  • Test station in JO99 North Europe / Scandinavia

    80cm dish and COTS LNB Telesystem TS100F unmodified LNB and SDR RTL USB TCXO and Sharp SW
    Not optimal LNB but good enough for weaker EU stations also
    LNB drifts a lot initially, but LNB has extra insulatation (a skiing glove) and after 1hour the drift is fine for CW/SSB without difficulites.

    120W ERP to a Big Dish enabled CW QSO with 2 - 4dB S/N on the AMSAT UK QO-100 WebSDR -weak but QSO was possible.
    Homebuild/modified surplus; exciter is TCXO xtal based 2256MHz LO, 144MHz IF, mixer 2400Mhz output 1.8mW and a 100mW MMIC amplifier to antenna system

    Tests are concluded, without that 4-5m dish it is not fun, SM need more power to the antenna system. 100mW is so bad for smaller dish usage.

  • Hi All,

    First post on this forum

    Been QRV since start, and alot of stations worked!

    Uplink now 500mw (sglabs) into 1,8m dish with 4turns helix, downlink 90cm dish with a modified lnb (9.170ghz) for my sat receiver, and an rtl dongle. Works great!

    73 ON5GS Dirk

  • Hi

    Today I found some time to test my minimal RX set-up.

    Antenna: Offset 40cm

    LNB : Octagon Green not yet modified.

    RTL dongle+ GNU radio based 'home made' rx.

    PSK Beacon was about 10 dB over the noise.

    NB transponder was full of signals : Very nice to listen a Taiwan station and a Brasil station.