• Hello all

    I think I've found my LNB. Thanks to DB8TF and his tests I ordered an Opticum LSP-02G from Amazon but they had delivered a LSP-04H. OK I tested this one now.

    Here my results: After switch on the LNB-frequency drifts more than 10 kHz upwards. After ca. 45 minutes the frequency is "stable" between +- 1.8 kHz. I transmitted a CW-signal on 437.070.00 MHz and received the 24th harmonic on 10489.675 (middle of NB) --> AMSAT-DL-RXconverter --> Kenwood TS-711E on 144.470 MHz (+-). I heard no wobbling, see the pic:

    What do you think, have I found my unmodified LNB ?

    73 de

  • Hi Thomas,

    actually the OPTICUM LTP 04H is a good choice. It's cheap, is using the same RT320 chip as the famous Ocatagon.

    It does not have the 10 GHz Input filter, which is actually better for QO-100 ;-)

    Here some pictures from opening:

    Pictures how to modify it for the new AMSAT-DL Universal Downconverter will follow as soon as Stefan finished testing..

    Peter Gülzow | DB2OS | AMSAT-DL President | member since 1983 | JO42VG