new version Minitioune V0.9.9.1

  • Hi,

    today I tried the latest MiniTioune v 0.9_9.1h but I am a bit frustrated with it. I adapted the ini as I did for the v0.9.beta8.9 (which runs very well, apart from the totally overloaded GUI which is nearly too big for my FHD screen), ran the "install_usrc_ax_winXP.exe", but the beacon (or any other station) doesn't decode anymore (see attachment).

    The most right LED of the TS indicators always stays red. The previous version works still well.

    Any hints? Am I missing some parameters or drivers?

    73, Thorsten

  • I have similar problems. It is decoding, but it hangs every 2 secs even with good MER (8.7). I installed the LAV-Drivers, but no change ... Audio works fine ...

    The Scan&Tioune Software using VLC works with no problems.

    What to do ?

    DL9SAD Martin | AMSAT-DL member since 1981 | JN48MU

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  • the Beacon TS doesn't comply. This TS is now very badly encoded.

    Windows decoder is very sensitive to bad timing (PCR/PTS) and VLC support better bad TS.

    If you receive others well encoded stations you will not have this effect.

    Jean-Pierre F6DZP

  • DL9SEC :

    the 3 TS_leds green show that the MiniTiouner is receiving the TS

    The last TS_led red says that the PC is not receiving the data. ( you can see under the TS leds : "bytes received = 0"

    So the problem comes with the USB transfer.

    I have no answer yet if the version 0.9.beta8 works without changing anything (same MiniTiouner, same USB cable, same USB port..nothing else is plugged to the PC ...

    Could you show what info you have when you click the info button ( all info concerning the detection of devices etc..)

    Jean-Pierre F6DZP

  • the Beacon TS doesn't comply. This TS is now very badly encoded.

    Yes, that was my guess too.

    In thread # 17 I had already suggested that the AMSAT should perform a RESET of the beacon hardware/software ..... it worked before

  • The most likely problem is a recent windows update as changed the LAV codecs to use the Microsoft own codecs

    Download win7DSFilterTweaker_63 this will show you which codecs are being used by various software and it also gives the option to change the codecs in use for given software.

    Hope it helps

    73 Keith GU6EFB

  • the Beacon TS doesn't comply. This TS is now very badly encoded.

    Windows decoder is very sensitive to bad timing (PCR/PTS) and VLC support better bad TS.

    Our experts have just checked the signal with an R&S DVM400 and the PCR jitter is below 200ns (specification says 500ns is still allowed).

    The DATV Beacon is completly within specification and also works perfectly with the Octagon SF8008.

    Peter Gülzow | DB2OS | AMSAT-DL member since 1983 | JO42VG

  • At this moment the reception of the WB Beacon is perfect. However, I also had occasional problems. It is still necessary to investigate but when the beacon is not received well, noise is always present both on the spectrum with RTL2832U and in the "Noise" window of the MiniTioune program. As you can see from the attached image, the spectrum is clean and the noise in the program is very low. Reception is perfect.

  • Hello,

    When I started this morning (6h32 local) the beacon TS was very bad with constant PCR errors (here 8592 errors after 1 mn)

    Octagon SF8008 is not a professional DVB receiver, so we know that this kind of basic receiver can accept errors without showing a problem, because they don't take care of timing, do not try to sync video and audio etc.... This kind of receiver just play the video data and audio data when they come, and don't take care of Ttime stamp.

    (This is the way the HamTV station on ISS was tested before launch and in result HamTV TS produced was very bad with no DVB tables....)

    Sorry, but my opinion is that we should never use that kind of receiver to test a DVB signal, it is a waste of time and I have never seen a professional operator doing that. It does exist professional receiver for that.

    So all the professional analyzer I use says that PCR is too much ( here 639 µs instead of less than 500 nS)

    So I can say that at 6h32 the Beacon signal was horrible about timing, with constant PCR errors. Is is impossible to get a fluid video and audio if we use a professional receiver that take care of PCR PTS or with the Microsoft demultiplexer that take care of PCR PTS.

    Yes, if I use a basic receiver, I could see a fluid video, but that doesn't indicate that the TS is DVB compliant regarding TR101 290.

    Perhaps your Experts have looked at the PCR PTS at another time in the day, but if they have tested it this morning, they see this very bad result.

    73 Jean-Pierre F6DZP