2.4 GHz bandpass

  • Nice to know that that those filters work as advertised I was thinking of getting one but then I found a PCB in the OSH Park shared area that the SF2124E fits on... Link

    As you can see it was originally intended for the UHF filter but the SF2124E has the same footprint. A word of caution... it really needs hot air or an oven to solder as there isn't really enough copper pad for a soldering iron. Quite a cheap solution though as the PCBs were $1.35 for three plus of course shipping etc.

    73 Clive

  • great catch Clive! Although I probably have the tools to solder this here, I fully admit I went for the 'expensive' 20 USD solution.. but probably after factoring in connectors, case and time it's not so expensive anymore. Good to have both options!

  • Achim, I do agree re the overall cost. I tend to 'browse' the shared area of OSH Park and grab a few things if I use them for a PCB to try to minimise the impact of carriage fees.

    The end result is that I have a couple of spare filters to try with Chinese options and one which was grafted on to a SV1AFN Gali-84+ amplifier board that works nicely between the LimeSDR mini and Spectrian PA.

    Not very pretty but it does the job for now!

    73 Clive

  • BIG ATTENSION with prices of and lesd time in OSH Park. Download GERBER, chech in JLCPCB, and make order 5 PCB fot 2 USD. Shipping is same price,but lead time 24 hours only. 2-3 days you hsve your order.

  • I must admit to preferring some slightly bigger units, but not for receiver side I am not that clever to design boards.

    I built two of these style ID filters for transmit, one is directly out of the SDR unit and another after the pre-drivers just before the main PA, the idea is to reduce any spurs from the SDR or spurs from the pre-driver stages up to about 2 watts.

    On the trace I had approx 0.3/0.4 dB insertion loss and the divisions were 50 MHz per division horizontal and 10dB per division vertical.