Octagon SF-8008 with low SR

  • OK so I now have a SF8008 and also FYI a cheapo £35 Revez HDS620 receiver which tunes down to 10.492 and decodes feeds with 1000 sr and above, not H265 ones though

    SQ6QY posted this image on the qo100 facebook group of his SF8008 getting a 250k symbol rate feed but he won't answer me about what image he is using so I ask on here, anyone ? How has he managed to enter the correct frequency ?

    also ?!

  • I expect he has installed the new firmware noted earlier that allows you to enter the correct frequency, which has to be in the 950MHz-1.75 GHz range of the tuner. A standard LNB will give an IF of 739 MHz whuch the SF8008 can't tune (nobody has found a way at least). You need to modify the LNB or use a frequency converter. For example, a 24 MHz reference into a normally 25 MHz PLL LNB will move the IF into the range of the SF8008. I think we have been around this loop before - I know your other receiver can do it but this one can't yet.


  • I have just remembered that even the standard firmware allows you to enter the frequency - but only to a resolution of 1 MHz. The new firmware allows to to enter kHz too. This helps at lower SR but the receiver has a wide lock range so it will usually lock to the strongest signal of the right symbol rate.

    There is a link to this new firmware elsewhere in the forum. Once you have set your LNB LO frequency to bring the IF into the tuning range of the SF8008 don't forget to set this new LO frequency in the settings - e.g my LO is 9.5 GHz so I set my SF8008 LNB LO to that. Then I can enter the correct receive frequency in the setup menu.

    To help, there is a list of common frequencies already set up as a bouquet you can load which makes tuning much easier.


  • So hard to get Tomasz to reply, it seems with a 9ghz LNB you can enter the frequency, this one for example https://www.aliexpress.com/ite…1602_1,searchweb201603_55 you can enter the correct frequency ?

    But still trying to find what Linux image is being used in the screenshot I posted, anyone ?

    I guess my reply was not sufficient as you keep asking the same questions and expecting someone else to reply. This is my last attempt.

    The LINUX image is directly linked to above in this thread by OE7DBH. There are now at least two working images that to kHz. I have pasted the information below again.

    The 9 GHz LNB you posted a link to does not look like a PLL LNB It might be but I doubt it.


    SF8008 Receiver owner: :)


    Please test new software, new software allows kHz input and thus exact frequency setting to 250 or 333 kSym is much easier.  So far, the smallest step was 1MHz

    Please download software here... http://openeight.de/index.php?open=sf8008

    Your experience with it, please post here !!!!!!

    Thank you to the Octagon support team !!

    ( "zuerst mal manuelle, auto, satfinder... alles durchtesten (nebenwirkungen etc.) danach kann man auch Kanallisten und blindscan angehen" - first manual, auto, satfinder ... everything by testing (side effects, etc.) then you can synonymous blind scan and channellist approach. )


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  • OK thanks for link unfortunately the image is not the one as the screenshot shows at all....and with me openeight 6.7 seems full of bugs, blindscan is not working for a start

  • That image of open 8 is working fine for me. I see absolutely no point in blind scan, we know the transponder band plan, we know the symbol rates, there is a bouquet with all these already set up. However, there is also Open ATV6.4 as linked here in the forum by DH5UW https://forum.amsat-dl.org/ind…user-post-list/941-dh5uw/

    Loose connection so now BS works ok, no it's only useful if you are an occasional sat feed hunter with a motorised dish like myself... as for that image which Tomasz SQ6QV originally posted on the Q-100 fb group still like to know which one it is....he said it was from the Polish sat dxers forum, which I can't find anywhere...